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Is Lebron James a better athelete than Michael Jordan?

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Started: 8/20/2018 Category: Sports
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Are you seriously saying that Jordan had any peers ar the shooting guard position when he played? I challenge you to name at least 5 who were elite level talents that either rivaled Jordan in size, Talent, Or skill level.


We're friends right?
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Posted by js248 3 years ago
Both are freaks of nature LeBron bigger stronger speed or vertical? That being said put LeBron vs Jordan in a finals series Jordan every time not even really an argument. Put LeBron vs Jordan 1on1 Jordan every time.
Posted by cw6334 3 years ago
If we are talking about the better athlete AND player, It's Lebron, But you talking about the ultimate winner? It's Michael. If you were to stick Mike's team up against Lebrons best. It'd be close but I could see Mike winning in the end, But one-on-one? I have no doubt that Lebron would win that by his pure athleticism alone. It's like Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers. People say Tom Brady is the best winning QB in history, But Aaron Rodgers is the best athlete and has the best arm.
Posted by BertrandsTeapot 3 years ago
Lebron = better athlete
Jordan = better basketball player
Posted by asta 3 years ago
Jordan is better.
Posted by AIRhino 3 years ago
If you're arguing for LeBron being the more supreme athlete, I'll agree with you. If you're arguing for Jordan being better I'll challenge you.
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