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Is Mewtwo the best pokemon?

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Started: 4/13/2018 Category: Entertainment
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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I need to do more debates, so why not which is the best Pokemon? I believe Mewtwo's the best, and there's several reasons for it. But please follow the rules below:

1) No insulting anyone.
2) Keep your arguments and posts as family friendly as possible.
3) You're free to pick whichever pokemon you'd like to argue for, and argue from competitive use, design, anime, and anything else you can think of. Just try to be objective with your arguments.
4) Forfeiting counts as a loss.

First round, say your chosen pokemon. Arguments are optional.


I'll be arguing that Gardevoir is more powerful than Mewtwo.
Thanks and good luck!
Debate Round No. 1


Thank you for accepting, though I'll be arguing more than just competitive uses. After all, this debate is about who's better in general.


First thing I think of about Mewtwo would be his role in the first pokemon movie. He serves as the antagonist, and he's pretty good. He doesn't desire an artifact to conquer the world (like many other Pokemon movies do), instead taking revenge upon the world. He does this by creating a machine that clones pokemon, in an attempt to fulfill his thirst for vengeance.

Here's bulbapedia's page on the movie if you'd like to read about it:
His voice also fits perfectly with him in the first movie. Can't find a good clip, though.


Mewtwo was created to be the ultimate pokemon, made from the DNA of Mew. As I'll get into soon, this was a success. (I'd say more if I could.)


Mewtwo is Uber tier, the highest on Smogon. It's got high stats, notably Special Attack and Speed. Mewtwo can easily wipe out any unprepared team, especially with a Mega Evolution. With Mega Mewtwo X, you get a physical attacker as well as a bit more defense. Mega Mewtwo Y is faster, stronger, albeit more frail.

Attacks that are incredibly useful on Mewtwo and Mega Y include Psychic, Psystrike, Aura Sphere, Flamethrower, Shadow Ball, and Signal Beam. These attacks give Mewtwo amazing type coverage. If you're into Mega Mewtwo X, some good attacks to choose are Fire Punch, Ice Punch, Thunder Punch, Zen Headbutt, Drain Punch, and Foul Play.

Here's Smogon's page on Mewtwo:

In conclusion:

Mewtwo's backstory and role in the first movie is unique and incredible, Mewtwo builds a cloning machine, and Mewtwo's a beast competitively. Gardevoir's got nothing on this guy.
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Debate Round No. 2
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Debate Round No. 3
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Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by MasterMewtwo 3 years ago
Obey MasterMewtwo... I am your Master... bring me an Oran Berry Smoothie. And some small fries to go with my large fries.
Posted by MasterMewtwo 3 years ago
But Mewtwo is the Master. I am MasterMewtwo. You must obey your MasterMewtwo.
Posted by MasterMewtwo 3 years ago
Ultimately, it's subjective which pokemon is the best. Try to argue how your pokemon's better than mine.
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