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Is Microsoft better than Apple?

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Started: 3/27/2014 Category: Technology
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I believe that Microsoft is way better than Apple by a long shot. First of all, Microsoft has a further and more complex history then Apple. Also, Steve Jobs is dead, and Apple's idea range is extremely limited, and anything new is copied from Microsoft Take the new iPad for example. The idea of the detachable screen with a USB was all Microsoft's. Also, Microsoft is way more computer friendly. Take Minecraft, for example. You can't run Minecraft on an Apple computer. Apple may be more music friendly, but what about everything else?
According to recent surveys and statistics, Microsoft and "Windows" has overruled all of Apple. Apple may be music friendly with their iTunes, Don't you think that Google Play will eventually overrule it all?
I mean, look at the Google franchise. They own and have created self driving cars for Pete's sake. Even though the iPhone was a great idea, Look at all of the Droids and Nokia's etc. Bill Gates is still around, and he has even greater things to come. Look at all of our schools, and you will see that the majority of all of them are overruled by Windows 7, 8, etc. I really don't care if there is an iPhone 9z for crying out loud! Apple is just a complex fad, and is just like Bit Coins. Phones will be hacked, overruled, and it's pretty obvious that the society is going to get tired of the iPhone and iPad eventually. Thank you.


I will be arguing that Apple is a better company than Microsoft. To begin with, your first statement is not necessarily true. Yes, Microsoft was made one year before Apple was. However, the first Apple computer, the Apple I, came out on April 11, 1976. The first Microsoft computer appeared with an IBM operating system on August 12, 1981. Apple had the first computer, making it more original, but I do not see how having a more "complex" history could make one company superior to the other.

Secondly, Steve Jobs being dead does not contribute to how good or bad a company is. You have absolutely no evidence to back that up, and it doesn't make much sense. Steve Jobs left a legacy behind him of Apple products and a company who knew how to do what he did. Bill Gates' involvement in Microsoft is less than that of Steve Jobs in Apple. Steve Jobs worked on each product and came up with innovative ideas for them, trying to perfect them while Bill Gates has supervised his company's work.

Thirdly, what makes you say Apple's "idea range" is extremely low? Apple continues to expand every time it is upgraded. Windows has never had anything similar to Siri, it does not have things like Garageband, iTunes, or iPhoto, and it generally doesn't upgrade, so to speak, when it updates. It simply changes the layout of the screens. Saying "anything new is copied from Windows" is incorrect. Most new things are original. The specific example you gave came from Windows first, but who made the first tablet? Apple.

"Apple may be way more music friendly, but what about everything else?" Give me specific examples. Apple has programs similar to Word, Powerpoint, Excel, Outlook, and any other program you can name, plus new creative programs like iTunes, iPhoto, PhotoBooth, iCal, iMovie, iDVD, and many, many other programs.

Another thing-- you're wrong in saying that you can't run Minecraft on an Apple... In fact, I'm on an Apple playing Minecraft right now. Look down at the links and click the Minecraft ones, then click "show all platforms". Mac is there. You're completely incorrect.

Next: You stated that "Google Play" would "overrule all". Google is not owned by Microsoft or Apple. It is an independent company. You're incorrect, again. "Look at the Google franchise." Okay! But that doesn't support your argument!

"Look at all of our schools, and you will see that the majority of all of them are overruled by Windows 7, 8, etc." I'd like to see some evidence of this, please. I don't think that schools are "overruled by Windows" at all. I don't think they're controlled by computers at all. At my school, most of the more creative classes use Apple because they're able to use more programs that can help students.

I would also like to see proof that society will be tired of iPads and iPhones. Can you prove that? And if so, how do you know that they'll switch to Windows? I know that I won't. Windows does not seem as innovative to me.

Overall, your arguments were completely invalid. Many of your arguments have backfired against themselves. Apple is a fantastic, innovative company, which I believe to be superior to Windows. (hit "show all platforms". Mac OS is on there.)
Debate Round No. 1


Swiftwoof forfeited this round.


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Debate Round No. 2
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Posted by nato1111 7 years ago
windows will always be on top due to its huge compatibility with everything!
Posted by Jabuticaba 7 years ago
Are you crazy? I can run minecraft on my apple computer.
Posted by LittleBallofHATE 7 years ago
Your question is ambiguous. Microsoft windows is an OS. Apple is a piece of hardware. Now if you are referring to IOS vs windows, That's another thing. BTW. Apple is better.
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