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Is Minecraft Better Than Roblox?

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Started: 4/5/2018 Category: Games
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Is minecraft better then roblox? ive been playing minecraft since i was 10, i'm 17 now and i've been playing minecraft almost since it first came out. i would like to hear what others think about this situation
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Posted by Eric567 3 years ago
(I've played and developed both of these games)
Minecraft's only strong point is survival with friends, creative, and online game modes are, from my experience, hubs for some of the worst people, not "trolls", but rather annoying, cringe-inducing pre-teens that, in an alternate universe they live in, they have a sense of humor.
Roblox has a lot more possibilities, and the engine that it runs on is so much easier, allowing for more games and mods to be created. Although most games on here are bad, some are really good! Depending on what you like, and assuming you have a tolerance for the occasional, cringy boy.

And the winner is...
If you're a real PC Gamer, you have steam. If you don't, and you play on PC, what are you doing with your life? But honestly, Steam has actual developers, millions of games, thousands of good games, and you can mute annoying people! In addition, a more mature community, Even though this aspect depends more on the game, and thousands of tight-knit communities to join. Every Call of Duty game, Every Battlefield game, Every PC game that has ever been released- you're almost guaranteed to find it on here.

Cons of Steam: Many loved games, and player bases on this platform are declining. Also, I haven't seen an eye-opening release for a while, which is a little saddening.
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