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Is Miraculous Ladybug just for younger kids?

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Started: 3/10/2018 Category: Entertainment
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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The first question is, yes, it"s primary target audience is children. The villains are mostly none-lethal, there are no outright fatalities even with the lethal akumas (Although I would argue that Timebreaker comes close) and the characters (in particular, Chloe and her father) ride roughshod over some of the real world effects of their storylines (Such as the firing of Officer Roger in Rogercop.)
The answer to the second question is well no. There IS a community of adults who DO enjoy the series. Partially because it"s an extremely entertaining series, written in good humour and with generally likeable, mostly credible characters. Furthermore, just because the target audience is primarily children, it doesn"t stop adults from being fans. after all, if My Little Pony can have a dedicated adult fanbase, then Miraculous Ladybug can just as easily have one. (And does.)


I'm not sure if this debate will get finished, but I decided I might as well accept the debate.

I love Miraculous, and quite a few other shows that are targeted mainly at young kids. But it's an interesting question: Is this show just for young kids? I don't think so. I'll go over the general premise of each episode here, and say a few things I recall that might translate as possibly a reason why teens and adults could like it.

Marinette, the primary character, goes to a high school in Paris, which is the setting. She's in love with rich boy Adrien, though often fumbles over herself trying to talk to him. Every episode, some issues (usually caused by the egotistical bully Chloe) cause a character to feel upset, which the antagonist Hawk Moth send an akuma butterfly to 'evilize' the character. The target then transforms to something akin to the situation or item the akuma possesses (anything from Simon Says who throws cards to change a person's state, a Mime whose pantomimes are invisible reality, and a Robocop who forces people to pay for any minute crimes).

Then Marinette and Adrien become Ladybug and Cat Noir as they fight the evilized villain, and Cat Noir usually flirts with Ladybug, being in love with her. In the end, everything gets fixed and the evilized person learns a valuable life lesson, as well as the audience.

So is the show just for kids?

Not exactly. The expressive characters adds a charm that, at least I, enjoy. There's also the whole relationship with Ladybug and Adrien, and it's really interesting to see how they interact with their crushes, especially since they don't know they have a crush with their friend's alternate identity.

Though one thing you probably won't find in much kid shows is lore. Hawk Moth's primary goal is to get the heroes' Miraculouses; accessories linked to mystical beings called Kwamis. According to The Pharaoh's episode, the Kwamis and their associated transformations (such as Ladybug), span back a long time, including Ancient Egypt. I'll stop here since I don't recall that much, and you might get bored if I ramble on any further.

Anyways, kids might not be that interested in trying to figure out more about this. Adults however, especialy theorists, would look deeper into the lore surrounding Miraculous and try to uncover more.

In conclusion...
  • Miraculous has characters and humor that any age can enjoy.
  • There's lore around the Kwamis and the Miraculouses, which is talked about in a few episodes. Theorists would try to figure out a lot from the evidence given.
I think I've said more than enough. I'll let Chloe Beining say more.
Debate Round No. 1


The show is definitely interesting and entertaining. Even though it's a kid's show, I it's not irritating. I had a fun time watching it and, at many points thought to myself, "If I was a kid, I would watch this show regularly." All the action scenes, although animated, are particularly fun and exciting to watch.
Even though it has lot of cliches such as the overbearing, selfish, mean girlfriend and the shy girl who keeps pining after the boyfriend of the previously mentioned girl, the show mostly portrays women in positive ways. Ladybug/Marinette is an incredibly empowering female character and a positive role model for younger girls to look up to. She is sassy, smart and knows how to kick butt.


I need to ask you a question. Do you think the show is just for children, yes or no? I feel like you're agreeing with me that adults are also meant to enjoy the show. (That, or you've just forgot that we're to exchange views.) Why not tell me what you think of the lore of Miraculous?
Debate Round No. 2
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Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by MasterMewtwo 2 years ago
Part of the reason why the heroes don't recognize each other is because they're wearing masks, therefore are disguised. And since it's a cartoon, nobody can see through their identities (Cat Noir was kind of found out in Lady Wifi's episode, but it got ignored and/or forgotten by the next episode).
Posted by Arganger 2 years ago
I swear nearly everything I have written in the last week has had some obvious mistake.
Posted by Arganger 2 years ago
Amphia Blue hair normally is actually black hair.

Though I agree that it is silly they don't recognize each other, it isn't unbelievable. Cat Noir Idealizes Ladybug and marionette idealizes Adrien. They don't really see each other as people so much as a canvas to see what they want to on.

So Cat Noir and Marionette simply don't fit the ideas seen in them.

I'm sure there as plenty on white/asian mixed people in paris and plenty of blond and green eyed people.
Posted by Chloe_Beining 2 years ago
here's no magic in effect- Alya can tell that Adrien looks a lot like Cat Noir. It's pretty simple, I think, why nobody has figured the heroes out yet but can figure out the akumas- everyone has a specific image of what Ladybug and Cat Noir are behind the mask and are thus totally unable to see the forest for the trees. With the villains, it's a little easier. Marinette's parents do not want to think their daughter is going out and doing dangerous things, so they do not see her in Ladybug. Marinette, when confronted with two pieces of good evidence, is unwilling to believe Cat Noir is Adrien (Alya says she thinks Adrien looks like Cat Noir and shows her a scratch mock-up picture of Adrien as Cat Noir, and Marinette knows they're both allergic to feathers). Marinette just does not want to believe Cat Noir and Adrien are one and the same because she idealises Adrien and finds Cat Noir annoying but a good partner. Likewise, Chlo" is so enamoured with Adrien and Ladybug she has the same mental block as Marinette does. Adrien is so fixated on Ladybug that he doesn't see Marinette, a girl he barely knows, in her. Alya does needle Marinette that she could be a suspect in being Ladybug, but doesn't seem serious (likely because Marinette is so clumsy). Adrien is so different as Cat Noir (Cat Noir is playful, confident, cocky, punny, and a show-off compared to the more reserved, shy, polite, and quiet pushover Adrien) and Marinette is so different as Ladybug (confident, graceful, and snarky, compared to the awkward, clumsy, and self-critical Nice Girl Marinette) that people just don't connect them. Yes they look and sound the same, but if they act totally different or they have certain perceptions of their superhero self that differ from their civilian self, that's gonna blind a lot of people to their visual and auditory similarities. That's all it really is, I think.
Posted by Amphia 2 years ago
I hate the show because the premise is really annoying.

The whole time neither of them recognize each other?

OH PLEASE! The Ladybug has BLUE HAIR. Like, how many people do you know with naturally blue hair? If I was the blond kid, I would have figured it out a long time ago. She literally wears her hair in the same style every day. Her voice is the same too.

And how does she NOT recognize him? OH MY GOODNESS, the hair is the same, the voice is the same. Yes, maybe the personalities are bolder but it's the same people.

It's just so dang ridiculous.
Posted by Hadii 2 years ago
..... Who cares. I didn't even know that show was still a thing.
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