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Is Money the root of evil?

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Started: 12/5/2013 Category: Philosophy
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    • Definition of Money: a current medium of exchange in the form of coins and banknotes; coins and banknotes collectively.

    • Definition of Trade: the action of buying and selling goods and services.

    • Barter is a system of exchange by which goods or services are directly exchanged for other goods or services without using a medium of exchange, such as money.[1] It is distinguishable from gift economies in that the reciprocal exchange is immediate and not delayed in time. It is usually bilateral, but may be multilateral (i.e., mediated through barter organizations) and usually exists parallel to monetary systems in most developed countries, though to a very limited extent. Barter usually replaces money as the method of exchange in times of monetary crisis, such as when the currency may be either unstable (e.g., hyperinflation or deflationary spiral) or simply unavailable for conducting commerce.

Is Money the root of Evil in the world? I believe it is, for multiple reasons. First of all I would like to begin by noting that Money has not come to existence in order to drill a greed whole in the the souls of people and communities. But rather it was a mere tool to suffice our needs and desires. Money was introduced to the world as a medium of exchange, to facilitate the process of trade. Nowadays money owns our lives. The monetary system has the say in what goes and what does not. Money decides the state of our being and existence. If you were born in a poor family, you have the slightest chances to make it to Harvard, but on the other hand if you are a Prince, well it goes without saying that you own the world. We created a system that has the higher hand over humanity. You might argue and say that we c


In the context of evil, what is the description of evil? Is evil just repeated immorality? Is evil crimes against humanity? Are you arguing that "all evil" comes from money? The rules and topic are not set but a go I shall give.


1: Human greed is inevitable, but in the greater case, how much can money really buy? Money can buy you a new house with 15 bedrooms and a front yard larger than England, but day after day, the house turns grey, your once had passion for the house was now gone, it was now normal for you to have everything you want, but what then? Are you happier than before? If anything, money makes you less happy, therefore, this leads into

2: If we as humans can look past the "fact" that money = happiness, then money will not bring evil along with it.

Conclusion: Please revise your topic/argument if you want to continue.
Debate Round No. 1


I am sorry Con, but there is nothing wrong with my topic/debate or what so ever. You have failed to capture the idea of the debate, nothingless. The rules of the topic were very clear, you did nothing but dazzle the audience. 'Is Money the root of evil' My debate is very clear in it's essence, and as you quoted yourself 'Are you arguing that "all evil" comes from money?' That is precisely what I am arguing. I apologize, but I see nothing clever in your counter argument.

As I have said before, money was a tool to facilitate exchange of goods. In fact people used to percieve trading goods and giving gifts as a sacred act. They considered it an act of generosity which brings people together. But with the rapid expansion of civilization, money was then introduced to keep up with man kind's evolution.

I will list below my main points:
  1. Species made extinct by humans, around 61 species have been exterminated by man in order to make money out of them.
  2. As for how many trees are cut down each year, the 2005 report concludes that primary forest area (as opposed to plantations)was reduced globally by 60,000 square kilometers per year (about the size of Ireland; see: Note that this data is incomplete due to a lack of available data from many countries who do not monitor such change. As to the “number of trees” this represents, it’s impossible to get an accurate count. Tree density in primary forests varies from 50,000-100,000 trees per square km, so the math would put this number at 3 billion to 6 billion trees per year.
  4. A lot of wars were lead for the sake of wealth and natural resources (A.K.A MONEY)
  5. Money is one of the prime reasons why nations and countries choose to go to war, (Example, US invasion for Iraq) And during those cold blooded wars hundreds and thousands of people die.
  6. Politicians lie to people with false campaigns and illusions just to aquire their votes, and for what cause? Money, which represents power. (Which can also be linked with Wars)
  7. Money was the reason of slavery and racism.
  8. In addition to the economic issues, it is/was extremely exhilarating for the slavers to have absolute power over another human being. This was true in antebellum (before the Civil War) slavery in the U.S., in ancient Rome, and in ancient Greece (supposedly the "cradle of democracy"). And it remains true today! Yes, slavery still exists in today's world. Just google "human trafficking" and see for yourself.
  9. Discriminates between people.

  10. In Dominica, over the last 21 years (1984-2004) the total GDP per capita has increased by 55.4% (from 38.67 million per 10,000 residents in 1984 to 60.08 in 2004). Correspondingly, over the same period, total indictable crimes per capita have increased by 100.1% (95.6 per 10,000 residents in 1984 to 191.3 in 2004), and burglaries have increased by 73.2% (82 per capita in 1984, to 142 in 2004).



"My debate is very clear in it's essence, and as you quoted yourself 'Are you arguing that "all evil" comes from money?' That is precisely what I am arguing."

If the topic is so, then I shall only need 1 counter-argument, am I not correct?


1: If a stereotypical villain chooses to mind control everybody on this Earth, then his most probable motive would be, to gain power, by having 7 billion zombies under his command. In this hypothetical environment, there is no money involved. But, mass brainwashing is generally considered evil, so therefore, there is nothing more you could possibly argue for. As you have said " My debate is very clear in it's essence, and as you quoted yourself 'Are you arguing that "all evil" comes from money?' That is precisely what I am arguing." You are arguing that every source of evil stems from money (as a motive to commit such evil) and I have provided a counter-example.

But, you did also put this in the philosophical section. In my example, the evil brainwashes everyone on Earth, but according to Mill, happiness, "private happiness, is the proper or ultimate end of all our actions" each particular action may be said to have its proper and peculiar end"(but)". they still tend or ought to tend to something farther; as is evident from hence, viz. that a man may ask and expect a reason why either of them are pursued: now to ask the reason of any action or pursuit, is only to enquire into the end of it: but to expect a reason, i.e. an end, to be assigned for an ultimate end, is absurd. To ask why I pursue happiness, will admit of no other answer than an explanation of the terms." With Mill's philosophy you could disprove my argument, by simply stating that my evil wasn't evil at all because the brainwashing erased all troubles that the people had.... etc. PRO needs to set the laws for evil and define it, or else, we might as well be in a political philosophy classroom.
Debate Round No. 2


Con is being mislead from the true argument, and has decided to argue a subjective term 'Evil'. I believe that we all have a somewhat clear sense towards what 'Evil' truly is. If human beings were so confused with the meaning of evil we would not have Rules, Regulations and a Constitution. It would be a world of chaos out there, because we do not know what is Evil and what is not.

In my sense of understanding;Evil is an act of misfortune towards another individual with a intention of depriving this individual from something of his/hers possession without having any rights.

Con wasted his second round with a vague and misleading example about 'zombies and brainwashing villain' apparently, and thus started quoting John Mill. I do not believe John Mill is really the best example to use here, you could have utilized other figures, even though. John Mill is the founder of utilitarianism "The greater benefit for the greater good". In the end this is a Philosophical ideology and not a fact, you failed to provide solid claims to your argument and recited your words in the form of questions and meaningless examples I might add. However, that being said I shall move on to my final argument. Money is a system that has gone out of control, the system exists and we are a mere followers.

Money's divine property of abstraction, of disconnection from the real world of things, reached its extreme in the early years of the twenty-first century as the financial economy lost its mooring in the real economy and took on a life of its own. The vast fortunes of Wall Street were unconnected to any material production, seeming to exist in a separate realm.

What we call recession, an earlier culture might have called "God abandoning the world." Money is disappearing, and with it another property of spirit: the animating force of the human realm. At this writing, all over the world machines stand idle. Factories have ground to a halt; construction equipment sits derelict in the yard; parks and libraries are closing; and millions go homeless and hungry while housing units stand vacant and food rots in the warehouses. Yet all the human and material inputs to build the houses, distribute the food, and run the factories still exist. It is rather something immaterial, that animating spirit, which has fled. What has fled is money. That is the only thing missing, so insubstantial (in the form of electrons in computers) that it can hardly be said to exist at all, yet so powerful that without it, human productivity grinds to a halt. On the individual level as well, we can see the demotivating effects of lack of money. Consider the stereotype of the unemployed man, nearly broke, slouched in front of the TV in his undershirt, drinking a beer, hardly able to rise from his chair. Money, it seems, animates people as well as machines. Without it we are dispirited.

Riddle me this, how can something this abstract and influential not be what drives evil between us?

Food for thought.



PRO has not fully addressed my counter argument, for it is valid. You proposed with the statement
"My debate is very clear in it's essence, and as you quoted yourself 'Are you arguing that "all evil" comes from money?' That is precisely what I am arguing. I apologize, but I see nothing clever in your counter argument."

This statement reveals that PRO believes that all evil stem from money, and therefore I provided one example, though arbitrary, money clearly demonstrated to not be the motive.

To understand why money stems evil, we must first agree that
1: Money is a means to power
2: The want of money is a never ending lust

If statement
"1: Money is a means to power" is true, then as the bible says
"The love of money is the root of all evil"
This love of money derives from many, but most prominent of which is to attain power over other humans. If this is considered evil by PRO's definition, there is nothing more that I can argue.

But, if PRO agrees that hiring is different from depriving an individual from something of his/hers possession without having any rights, then we can truly begin.

What you say is completely correct, as we, as greedy humans, have done immoral things to this Earth and its inhabitants, but I do not believe that this is for money. Money is only a facade of the true desire, the true desire of such peoples is power. If money only bought ramen noodles and nothing else, then the difference of owning 100k and 100$ is minuscule , but money's impact is far greater. Money has the power to buy respect from other humans.

At this point, arguing against your statements is futile, but I can offer a solution to such problem, and utilizing such a solution, we can solve this issue.

1: We must know the true worth of money, as it does not buy much more than superficial facades
2: We must know the morals of this Earth, and what we believe is right and wrong
3: To have to integrity to not be swayed so easily by a masked murderer
4: To fully recognise our race as a whole.

We as humans must accomplish the above to fix said issue, but as I have said in Round 2, there are instances where money is not involved, and instead (taking its place) power.

We must be able to agree on the fact that
Money = Power
in our current society.

Though this debate may have digressed, I hope this was a better answer than a forfeit.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by OtakuJordan 5 years ago
You do realize that the Bible says that the *love* of money is the root of all evil. Money is amoral.
Posted by HappyWeapons 5 years ago
Money is just a medium, not the problem, which is human greed.
Money wouldnt mean a thing if people would be in their right minds, which however will never happen.
Posted by SonicGhost 5 years ago
Thanks :D
Posted by TheMagicCrayon 5 years ago
Well played Con.
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