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Is Online Education More Effective Then Traditional Education

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Started: 5/16/2014 Category: Education
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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I think that online Education is more effective because of all the resources that are available online. You cant get much from a textbook, but with the internet, you have the entire world at your finger tips. Plus kids like the internet better then a textbook.


I believe that, while many resources are available online, they are not always as reliable. A textbook should always be used in conjunction to insure general confirmation of what is found in accurate and makes sense.

Plus there are many subject matters that cannot be taught online and almost always requires you to sit and learn from either an instructor or through hands on.
Debate Round No. 1


Thats why there are lots of different resources available online. When one source isn't reliable you can go to another of the over 1,000,000 available sources online. Also what about online schools where you can sit at home while still going to a 7 hour school day. Kids get up at 6:00 every week day and go to school, but with online education you get too sleep in for a while and you can take your time until your online lesson starts. Even if you go to school while using a laptop kids enjoy it more then a text book. Textbooks are VERY heavy and can hurt your back, but if you have a laptop you have more information for less weight. Also what about the horrible hand writing that some kids have. You wont need to write anymore when you have a laptop, Plus its faster to type then write. You wont have the risk of loosing any important papers because you can just save them in a file. :D


Students that take education online often take it less seriously, it is also more difficult to test them as they could easily cheat- A written test would still b standard.

by "kids" it sounds like you are suggest high schoolers- Online education isn't feasible at all for them as they are still required to go and learn witting a school building.

I terms of college students, Online lessons often will not carry him/he as far as going and learning at the college would. While textbooks are very heavy, e-books are an option but DOES NOT count as online education- it would still be traditional education but with heavier textbooks replaced with an electronic option.

Handwriting should NOT be avoided- you can't run away from it. No matter where you go and/or how you live, there are always forms that cannot be filled out online and still require you to write.
You will always need to type AND write and while your handwriting does not need to be great- it just needs to be decently readable,
Many people often blame the use of technology to be the cause of worse handwriting- While this isn't always the case, that also isn't the subject of this debate.

It is faster to type than to write out your thoughts, that's why projects are often type -is school- rather than written out. HOWEVER, many students never learn to type properly as it isn't mandatory in many schools to take a typing class thus reducing ones efficiency, often to "search and peck" speeds...

Digital storage isn't always better- while it makes it easier to create redundant copies of a file, I have seen many classmates lose there saved document BUT still have the physical copy to re-type from.
Debate Round No. 2


I get what your trying to say but not all of it is right. We don't have the option to stay at home and use online edu. And the part where you said that kids can get distracted online. That's not true. Most schools have internet that blocks most websites like my school and the same thing goes for tests. And e-books are a sorce of education. For example you can get a sample copy of a book online before you buy it, also there is an unlimited amount of thoses books say you were to go to the library, the book u want might already be rented. Online storage is the better option because it just has more of it. Handwriting can be avoided with a divice called the printer. With that you can get all of the online information on paper. Also online you can share work faster then handing it in. Traditional Education can't provide the opitions that the internet does. With google drive you can add documents presentations drawings and more. It is very useful for people to use and SO MUCH FASTER. From what I herd the online world is much better and eaiser to use. :D


The Internet IS a distraction- Web filters only block certain common websites and these web filters are often faulty (simply using https or changing your DNS unblocks most sites)
I am a high school senior an I know this for a FACT, and going between 3 school- it is always the same.

Buying a book online and/or sampling is not an example of online education. Even a small library has plenty of books to choose from to get research done- and many libraries have either more than one copy of certain books or can request a copy from one of the many other branch libraries.
Online information is not online education, is is simply another source of information to conduct research.

Online storage is not a better option as it is not always accessible, you should keep a copy with you locally (either on a thumb drive or on your computer) There are many situations where remotely stored files get lost as there are many factors involved.

You CAN NOT avoid handwriting by using a printer, either. There are many things that will continue to require an individual to write- such as sensitive documents that require signatures (heck, most schools require you to sign a student contract at the beginning of the year)

There are also many things an online education cannot offer that traditional education can. You wouldn't be able to ask a teacher directly for help, as an example.

Google drive and other collaborative tools are very clunky and can be slow- Your argument is simply not valid as you have not tried it yourself.
What others have said to you about it simply does not form a good argument.

online office services like Google drive often have incompatibilities with documents that causes lost formatting an you also lose many options that are otherwise unnecessary to create a well organized document.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by matthewmatt14 7 years ago
Only some of that is true CON but more is true to the PRO side.
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Vote Placed by bladerunner060 7 years ago
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Reasons for voting decision: A narrow squeak of a victory for Con. Frankly, I don't think either side sufficiently supported their case, but Pro had the presumptive BoP to support the motion, and did not do so adequately, so arguments to Con. The other categories seemed equal enough to warrant no points. As always, happy to clarify this RFD.

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