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Is Piracy Theft; Should it stay Illegal?

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Started: 3/28/2017 Category: Economics
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Many people disagree on the topic of Digital Piracy. My opinion on this is issue is that Piracy is in no way theft. This claim is justified by the simple fact that if you steal actual property, for example, a car, it is different from pirating music or movies. If you steal a car it is gone, if you pirate music or movies the original owner still has them. In light of these facts, it is hard to disagree with the position that Piracy is very different from Theft.


Some argue that piracy is not theft. However, I think that it is theft. When a person pirates a movie or song, they are stealing potential money from that creator. It is hurtful to the creator and encourages other to also pirate the content. In an analysis by the Institute for Policy Innovation concludes that global music piracy causes $12.5 Billion of economic losses every year, 71,060 jobs lost, $2.7 billion in workers' earnings, and a loss of $442 million in tax revenues. When people pirate they are taking distribution jobs and taking the content that would have supported those artists or distributors. Even though if you pirate you feel like it's no big deal, you are contributing to the problem. You can kind of compare it to taking a disc from movie store. Lets say they have one hundred copies of a movie and you steal one. If you did that, you would be caught and possibly arrested but why is it acceptable to take movies online and not be caught or arrested. I think that piracy should be enforced more and piracy should not be equivalent in severity to j-walking.
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Some argue that pirating music or movies is equivalent from stealing a disc from a store or money from the product's creator, and well it is copyright infringement and use without permission, it does not fit the definition of theft. I, and many others believe that art and creative creations should be accessible to all, and that copyright is a restriction of ideas. In addition, the evidence that my opponent provided, about the losses that industries sustain due to Piracy assumes that every pirated song or movie would have been a purchase, while in reality, it's very likely that very few of them would have been purchases.
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