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Is Pokemon Causing Animal Abuse

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Started: 4/10/2017 Category: Miscellaneous
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Pokemon aren't being abused. They are capable to run away from abusive trainer.
According to, if a abusive trainer is spotted that trainer will get reported and will lose his "trainer permission" therefore being unable to catch Pokemon. Team Rocket leader Giovanni after being beaten actually realizes that Pokemon aren"t tools but living things. After looking at this article I have found that the Pokemon association makes laws to protect Pokemon. They even have made the most famous rule that all Pokemon trainers know:The 6-Pokemon Rule. You can only keep up to 6 Pokemon with you at a time. And Pokemon specifically says in its games that Wild ____ fainted! Or _____ fainted. Not Wild ____ died.(There are fan remakes who do this). Also on, 75% of voters (Most of which either watched the anime or played the games) said that it isn"t causing animal abuse. Some of the people who voted said "The main character of the anime doesn't abuse his main Pokemon." Pikachu for 20 seasons and 21 years of the anime has never left Ash's side. I rest my case.


Pokemon is causing Animal Abuse and Animal Cruelty because at this website PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) are taking a stand for Pokemon causing Animal Abuse and Cruelty because in the games you start out as an 10 year old who starts out with an Pokemon, and you have to go out and catch them all and take an Pokemon's freedom away from humanity and you end up having a 10 year old kid with hundreds of Pokemon who lost their freedom to the player. And right when Pokemon GO came out, that's when PETA really started bashing Pokemon for how the game can show off Animal Abuse. And the Pokemon games have this 6 Pokemon rule where you can only carry 6 Pokemon at a time, which means if you need too catch them all, that isn't really nice to have over hundreds of Pokemon kept in a PC, and never used again. And also at this website the Animal Rights Group als starts bashing Pokemon for how the game has animal abuse and cruelty in it and they have the same stands as PETA. And this website is showing the debate with Pokemon and has a picture of how a Pokemon is treated, and the picture shows Pikachu, the unofficial mascot of Pokemon, with blood all over him, and a neckbrace and a chain hooked onto it, and Pikachu has a stick in it's hand. you can see the full picture at the website. And it can teach kids like for an example if they have an gerble or an Hampster they can throw it in it's ball and can represent a Pokemon to the kid, and it is INHUMAINE. I represent my case.
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Posted by KingofTheSkullServants 3 years ago
If you're reading my vote, think of it this way. When I play Super Mario, I don't have the urge to jump on turtles. When I play TF2, I don't have the urge to gather a group of people to fight another group of people. When I play a racing game, I don't have the urge to race people and crash into other cars.
Posted by What50 3 years ago
How is a picture of a pikachu with blood on his face help your argument? It's just a drawing,
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Vote Placed by Mharman 3 years ago
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Reasons for voting decision: Con used examples from the games, such as the fact that Pokemon faint instead of dying. Pro sated it is animal abuse because PeTA opposes it.
Vote Placed by KingofTheSkullServants 3 years ago
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Reasons for voting decision: Video games do not cause anything. Sure, it my be a factor in causing something, but (the majority of the time) it doesn't cause anything. This goes to the "video games cause violence" debate, where people don't understand how the human brain works. Everyone is going to be affected by everything, regardless of how it made you feel. However, affected and causes are two completely different things. In conclusion, Pokemon (and video games as a whole) do not cause people to do something. They may be a factor in causing something, but its not the for definite cause.

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