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Is Poland real?

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Started: 4/23/2018 Category: Politics
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Poland is just ww1 propaganda created by the Allies. Germany, Austria, and Russia had plenty of time to assimilate their respective Polish territories. Whatever is located in that plot of land today is unknown to me.


Obviously Poland is real. It's just in space.
According to a 2015 study by NASA "The country of Poland... is in space. This is due to the 2003 Perserverance expedition. It has been placed there as an experiment to study colonies ability to thrive independently on bodies in space.
In fact, you don't need hardcore facts to prove it's in space. On 5/4/18 at 7:30 EST it will be at periapsis and you will be able to see it fade into the night sky with the naked eye. That's not all either. If you've been wondering what causes tide if we know the moon is a hologram and made of cheese, that would be Poland. After all, the distance between the moon and earth is too vast. it's absurd to suggest that it causes tide. The presupposed geographical location of Poland is actually Area 56. The government is currently investigating a massive alien crash there. And if this isn't proof enough, you can talk to them. By using an amateur radio station, you can broadcast to Poland easily, and talk to the astronauts there. Not enough? It wasn't for me, not until I WALKED on it. And I did. SpaceX gave me a limited time offer to go and join the astronauts for a month for a meager ten million dollars. Jumping at the cheap opportunity to see it for my self, I flew there after a week of space training, and marveled at the wonderful technology. The people were quite nice too. You too can fly to Poland for twenty-five million dollars (mine was a special offer) just call 1-(800)-POLAND-FLIGHT.

As you can see my opponent has made an empty claim that it does not exist while ignoring the obvious fact that it is over-head.
Debate Round No. 1


The claim that this "Poland" could even get into space if it existed is a deceitful supposition. Everyone knows that a theoretical Poland cannot into space as by the Poland ball series. Nobody can claim to know what is actually behind the moon hologram because nobody has ever been there and telescopes can't see through it. Also, the existence of a "radio" is still debatable to this day. You almost definitely got scammed out of your 10 million dollars. You were probably so naive that you didn't know the difference between going into space and getting brought into a separate room with a "Polish" flag.

As you can see my opponent has made an empty claim that it does exist while ignoring the obvious fact that it is not over-head.


Well argued. Yet your one mistake lies in your first paragraph: "Everyone knows that a theoretical Poland cannot into space..." This is obviously the claim of a linguistically clumsy Russian bot. Yes, that's right. They want us to believe Poland is fake! Due to the fact they are behind the united nations they want to cover it up so they don't seem weak. In fact, this Russian bot made a freudian slip. In his first argument he claims: "Poland is just ww1 propaganda created by the Allies. Germany, Austria and Russia had plenty of time..." Thus declaring Russia is interested in Poland, despite their efforts to cover it up. Don't listen to this fool. He is an l0;k6;l0;l6;m0;, and you should not trust him.
Debate Round No. 2
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Debate Round No. 3
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