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Is Religion Still Relevant in the Modern Day

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Started: 4/26/2018 Category: Religion
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Is religion still relevant in the modern day (21st Century)? I am looking for any reasonable (non extremist) religious person. Of any religion. Christians, Jews, Muslims, anyone. Debate Me! I believe that a lot of the things said in most religious teachings are irrelevant in the modern day, and that the intention of religion is now not needed.


All though religion, especially Christianity, has been thrown under the bus quite a lot lately, religion is still evident and still relevant, although people have drifted from it. Morals come from religion and religious beliefs and America was built off of Christianity. Religion IS still needed and is relevant.
Debate Round No. 1


Morals come from what humans think is right and wrong about the world around them. Religion is what humans try to use to enforce their morals. They try to use the images of "God" and "Heaven" to invoke their morals. But what ends up happening in some cases is they force the wrong morals on them. Christianity is not even immune to this. People will do anything for their religion, and their are certain groups within religions that will take advantage of this fact to make people do bad things lets make this clear: I don't think that all religious people are bad, unlike some people. However, religion was really built on explaining the answers to things we didn't know at the time (such as the origin of the universe, and humans, and the explanation for events occurring.


Yes, religion was built off of explaining the occurrences of natural events. Everyone knows that part of it, but it was also built off of a faith of an afterlife and heaven. Morals were based off religion, not humans. This is true in the US Amendments and any other law or rule. Yes, I know some religions can have that holier than thou persona, but Islam, not Christianity, is the worst of this, by calling for the death of non-believers. Some Christians do have that persona, and it is wrong ad not Christian behavior. And I know that even Christianity has its bad roots and has been set on the wrong course. This is definitely evident with older Catholicism and some modern Catholicism. But religion is still evident. Whole countries, including the U.S., were built off religion. And therefore, it still must have some relevance.
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Posted by Nd2400 3 years ago

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If you actually look at the whole world you could see there are many flashpoint. And do you know what is taking the North Korea place with high tensions and even war. And that is Taiwan.

If you actually read the debate i had up you might be able to learn something. Every generation has a big war...
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