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Is Santa Claus worth the heartbreak?

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Started: 12/23/2013 Category: Society
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By teaching kids to believe in Santa Clause it leads them to (hopefully) eventually be heartbroken when they realize he isn't real. Is it better to never lead them to believe in the fantasy in the first place?

If you choose to accept, the Pro version is that the joy of believing in Santa Claus is worth the eventual downfall of realizing he is a hoax. The rules are pretty easy. Prove your point and put up a good fight.


Challenge Accepted [1]

Debate Round No. 1


It is tradition to teach children that their good behavior will lead to a yearly reward in the form of a visit from old St. Nick. While experiences vary with some people reminiscing fondly about their childhood wonder there are also cases of people recalling how they disliked Santa or the concept of Santa. This can be as simple as flat out fear of him:
or the Elf on a Shelf routine where parents place an elf in the kids rooms to report to Santa if they misbehave, this has led to a lot of angst as well:

Overall I don't think you even need Santa to give out gifts. I'm not saying you can't share gifts unless they come from "Santa," I say is that don't lie to your children. Find better ways to get them to behave.


urapai forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


My opponent had forfeited the round. Will allow him to use the next round to place an argument.


urapai forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by abelsmack 5 years ago
I was waiting for a rebuttal and found it in the comment section. Thanks for accepting the debate, batter up!
Posted by urapai 5 years ago
So you have time to comment, but not to actually debate? T.T
Posted by abelsmack 5 years ago
That is a personal anecdote, which may be true in your case. But there are children who don't always get presents. Also there many kids who are tormented because they are the last among their peers to believe. I was told that he wasn't real when I was a child by an adult. I didn't believe in him that strongly so I was fine. My younger brother wasn't.

So as a rule of them do you think our society shall prolong this belief with store Santa's and fake mailings to the parents.?
Posted by Installgentoo 5 years ago
i was not heartbroken over santa not being real when i was a child. after all i knew i got presents regardless.
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