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Is South America the best tactical continent in the board game, Risk?

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Started: 4/9/2018 Category: Entertainment
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Round one will be acceptance to participate in the debate.
Rounds 2,3, are arguments/ rebuttal
Round 4 Is final conclusion and final rebuttal for me as it makes arguing fair then
I am happy to play with anyone.
Enjoy and good luck


Hello, thanks for letting me have this debate. Personally, I believe it is Australia, not South America, that has the best tactical advantage.
Debate Round No. 1


Okay, thank you, and let's begin.

In Risk, it may be easy to be fooled as to which continent you should control. Of course, Asia has the most territories but has a higher pay off with seven extras troops each round. However, people who play the game know this and will make sure at all costs no one obtains all of Asia as that is the best continent for numbers. The next two highest earning continents are North America and Europe.

Europe, you say, is the best continent in the game which in my opinion, funnily enough, is the worst one in the game. Europe has seven countries to obtain to rule the continent, the same as North America and two less than Asia, however, Europe actually has the most access points from Asia, Africa and North America, therefore, is the hardest to control as players from three different continents can attack you. North America only has three access points, has the same troops as Europe, so this looks like a perfect compromise. On the other hand, North America has seven countries to obtain to rule the continent but no matter right?


Since you can only maneuver from one territory to another, even if you finish an string attack in Central America and maneuver some of the troops from other territories into Alaska, Greenland is exposed so it is hard to fortify all of the continent without at least three rounds for a strong defense, by then, other players know what you are doing and will active go out to stop you as it is worth five troops which is a massive game changer.

A commonly forgotten tactic to is rule Africa, only worth three troops which is more than Australia or South America, and doesn't have many territories to conquer. However, Africa faces the same problem as all the other continents previously mentioned, access points. Africa can be attacked from my territories and three continents. It also suffers the same problem as North America as it takes many rounds to strongly fortify the access points. By that time, other players have seen what you are doing and will act accordingly. However, unlike North America, players usually only attack you when you rule the whole continent and attack one territory, just to stop you getting the three troop bonus.

The most commonly known tactic is to rule Australia as:
1.Only one access point, Siam.
2. Follows the tactic of slowly building up and army by getting two troops per round so opponents don't notice your growing empire.
3. Only need to obtain four territories.

So this looks like the best continent, and I too beloved this for a while but it does have one design flaw that you can only really know from playing many games, like I have.

Risk is devised into three stages of game play; Early-game, Mid-game and End-game (I know, creative names).
Australia works very well for Early game as you can easily obtain a continent early and gain more troops per round than your opponents. In the Mid-game though, this is where things start going downhill. If you don't make significant damage somewhere else on the board, you are cornered into what would be a pretty fortified area as players will block off you're escape. However, if you do make damage some where else, it is almost certain you haven't fortified your Australian border enough and it will be easily penetrated during the Mid-Late-game. Even if you where to build a decent amount of troops in Indonesia and made damage around the board, you can make a break for it and try and charge through Asia to a safe place (either Africa or a place with low troops in Europe or Asia). By doing this though, you either have to leave your attacking troops and fortify Australia again to stop further invasion of your main income of troops or you have to leave your troops out in the open and allow your Australia to be taken over or at least partly. This leaves troops in the middle of either Asia, Europe or Africa which is not good when many surrounding players can "double team" you and tear those troops apart, leaving you with weak troops and no continent.

This leaves us with one option: South America.

South America has almost all the benefits of Australia but has added bonuses.
1. Only two access points
2. Gains two troops per round (same as Australia)
3. Also follows the tactic of slowly building up an empire without other players noticing.

Additionally, South America has an added bonus with its access points, you can run away if needed and it is easy to fortify. As I have mentioned with North America, after a strong attack, it is hard to fortify, however, South America does not suffer this problem as both entrances and be blocked off in a single turn. Unlike Australia, whose major fault was players blocking off the exits, South America has two so players do not usually block both unless some MAJOR negotiation occurs within the same round. If for some reason Central America or North Africa decide to invade, you are free to run away in the opposite direction because South America has one more added bonus that does not some from a development or physical stand point.

It is undoubtedly the best negotiation in terms of saying to other players "I'm not a threat, attack X as they are attacking Y continent" and people will leave your borders alone as South America is not seen as a great continent as first glance but when looked upon closely, it is secretly the best continent in the game as it does not have the flaws of the other continents and is the best at negotiations and treaties and as we all know, that's half of the game, so South America covers all the bases.

Thank you and your move.
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Debate Round No. 2
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Debate Round No. 3
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Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by Anonymous 3 years ago
please do not forfeit this game
Posted by Anonymous 3 years ago
I think it's North America, because that's where I'm from. When I play, I usually try Europe, just a whim.
Posted by Anonymous 3 years ago
where do you live, just so that we can make it efficient and play into each other's timezones?
Posted by Anonymous 3 years ago
where do you live, just so that we can make it efficient and play into each other's timezones?
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