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Is Squidward's attitude towards Spongebob and Patrick wrong

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Started: 5/18/2014 Category: Funny
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Squidwards attitude towards both Spongebob and Patrick is completely justifiable. Not only do they constantly break into his house, they disturb him at odd hours of the night, get into his personal business, and are just plain bad neighbors.


I believe that Squidward's attitude towards Spongebob and Patrick is obviously wrong. He shows no patience or tolerance to the two creatures, and bases his feels upon past experiences. In reality, we should all be able to forgive each other, even after we have done something wrong. Of course, he has the right to be angry. However, he has no right to constantly shun them. Matter of fact, the purpose of Squidward's character is to show that you won't get very far by maintaining a sour attitude. Kindness and joy always prevails.
Debate Round No. 1


Your right squidward does not show any patience towards either Spongebob or Patrick, though that's to be expected. Squidward has told them many times to not trespass into his home, to keep the noise down, and not to get into his business. Though no matter how many times he's told/asked/ordered and thrown them out they refuse to listen. In fact it usually continues to happen
So yes while forgiveness would be great, Squidward can't forgive knowing that they'll just continue ignoring his requests.

While its true squidward does somewhat shun Spongebob and Patrick, he doesn't shun them all together. An example of this would be during one of the Spongebob Christmas specials where Spongebob and Patrick find out about Santa and get excited about him coming. They eventually get all of the town hyped up as well. In the end Santa doesn't come and Squid in turn dresses as Santa and gives all of his belongings away. Thus also showing he's not always mean and sour.


You do have a good point there. However, a good chunk of the time, Spongebob and Patrick infiltrate Squidward's home to get him to come and play. He refuses nearly every time, and manages to get himself into deep trouble (no pun intended). You are right, he is not mean and sour all the time. Squidward does have some shining moments in the series. Although, no matter how hard they try, the squid just doesn't want to do anything fun. Perhaps, if he were to be a little nicer to them and engage in some healthy activity once and a while, Spongebob and Patrick will stop bothering him...
Debate Round No. 2
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Posted by 27376 7 years ago
Its a damn kid show. I bet you no kid is like " oh i do/dont like spongebob because hes always being mean to squidward. Let kids watch show without meaning for once. Maybe we all can
Posted by baaaaa 7 years ago
Hmm... to be honest I don't think both of them are right. Spongebob and Patrick are to energetic and squidward keeps shouting at them. I think everyone in the show needs a psychiatrist.
Posted by DeletedUser 7 years ago
Patrick is the best cartoon character. Squid words also rude to customers at the krusty crab. I know sponge and pay can be annoying though.
Posted by 2Sense 7 years ago
I couldn't agree more with you. I always hated Spongebob when in interaction with Squidward. It seems like he was just there to make the squid's life miserable, which is not okay. As for Patrick, well, I never cared for him either way. Seemed like he was merely on the bandwagon with Spongebob to make Squidward's life hell on earth"or uh, sea.
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