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Is Super bowl XLIX the best superbowl of all time?

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Started: 9/25/2017 Category: Sports
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Hello folks, it is the time again where football season has returned. So I have decided to create a little fun debate.
1. Round 1 is acceptance only (Arguments are for other rounds.)
2. No foul language.
3. No forfeits (Automatic loss)
4. Have fun
Let's do this Nd2400


I gladly Accept, this challenge.
Debate Round No. 1


Let me ask you a question" What makes a good Super bowl? Is it clutch plays like Super Bowl XLII Helmet catch? Is it amazing comeback like Super Bowl LI? The answer is the matchup, like the matchup in the best Super bowl in my opinion, Super Bowl XLIX. What matchup might this be? Well, it was the greatest Dynasty of all time (Patriots) against the greatest defense of the century (Seahawks). Tom Brady vs LOB (Legion of Boom). Clutch plays are good when in a Super bowl, but everyone eventually forgets about them, and the same goes for comebacks. The matchup is what everyone will remember in the end of the day.


First, I want to thank you Shamoo2, for this opportunity. SO let's have some fun...

SuperBowl XLIX, is one of the best Superbowl. There is no question about that. It was back and forth from the beginning to end, full of entertainment. For sure this was one of mine favorite Superbowl. It just naming it the best, where they are so many other great Superbowl. Is a pretty bold statement. My point is to look at the other great Superbowl, past, and present. You do have a good argument about XLIX, being great. I will not sit here, and say it wasn't. My job is to show you other magnificent SuperBowls.

Okay, first you say "it was the greatest Dynasty of all time (Patriots) against the greatest defense of the century (Seahawks)". My problem with that statement is nither team would be considered a Dynasty. The Patriots last won the Superbowl in XL. Sure they did when to SuperBowl XLVI, but they lost. The SeaHawks did win the SuperBowl XLVIII the year before they meet the Patriots. A Dynasty needs to be considered with at least two to three Superbowl wins. Neither team fit that category.

The next question you ask me is what makes a memorable Superbowl? Well, it's the game itself, the back and forth game, the clutch plays, the amazing comeback like Super Bowl LI. (which I do have as one of my team I will be arguing later). People won't remember the Match-ups, they will remember the game itself for being good, and the clutch plays, Like the helmet catch you mention. The bounce pass Terry Bradshaw throw in Superbowl X. There are many clutch plays and players that people will remember, before the Match-ups. People will not forget a great play, or a great performance from a player, or a game winning TD, or game-winning field goal, in the Superbowl.

Here a list of my Superbowl which could be considered as just as good if not better than XLIX.

LI New England Patriots 34 VS Atlanta Falcons 28 OT The greatest comeback in Superbowl History.
XLII New York Giants 17 VS The New England Patriots 14 Know as The Catch, stop the perfect season form the Patriots. and one of the biggest upset in history.
XXXVI New England Patriots 20 VS The St. Louis Rams 17 A comeback that failed short...
XXXIV St. Louis Rams 23 VS Tennessee Titans 16 Titans were just one yeard away form a Touchdown to tie.
V Baltimore Colts 16 VS Dallas Cowboys 13 A back and forth game full of defensive.
XXV New York Giants 20 VS Buffalo Bills 19 A last-second field goal.

In the next round, I will go more in depth, on which of these Superbowl will be the best Superbowl of all time. Keep in mind, it's opinions, everyone will argue with the result you pick. I'm not saying Superbowl XLIX, wasn't great because it was. It just I could name three form my list that is more than comparable to your best Superbowl. Since it's a three round debate, I will tell you what they are. The first one is XXV, The second is LI, the third is XLII.
Debate Round No. 2


You made a good argument, but you had some flaws to it.
First you said the Patriots last won the Super bowl in XL. That fact is wrong, the Steelers won Super bowl XL. The Patriots had won Super bowl XXXIX, which was the year before Super Bowl XL. Second you defined a team a dynasty if they have at least 2-3 Super Bowl wins. The Patriots fit that category, they had won Super Bowl XXXVI, XXXVIII, and XXXIX the years before Super Bowl XLIX. Therefore, by your definition, they were a dynasty. Third, I had never called the Seahawks a dynasty, I referred them as the "greatest defense of the century." I didn"t referrer to Seattle as a dynasty at any point during my argument.
Now let"s see, you will be using 3 Super bowls in your argument, lets break them down. Super Bowl XLII was one of the biggest upsets in history, destroying the Patriots perfect season. Giants won because of a clutch late 4th quarter catch which later set up the touchdown. See what makes that Super bowl not good as XLIX is because the same thing happened when they met up again in Super bowl XLVI. Late clutch 4th quarter catch in Super bowl XLVI led to the Giants scoring (because the Patriots let them score, to give the ball to Brady). The same thing almost happened again in XLIX. Jermaine Kearse caught a clutch catch to set Seattle up first and goal, but ultimately lost it because of an interception.
Next, Super Bowl XXV oh who couldn"t forget the start of the Bills worst moments in franchise history. Why must this game not be as good as XLIX, you may ask. I mean, it was a 1-point win, a very close game. They won by a field goal, I mean that isn"t exciting at all. There is plenty who have won a Super bowl because of a field goal. For example, the Patriots did it twice in Super Bowl XXXVI AND XXXVIII, the Baltimore Colts did it in Super Bowl V, and of course the Giants did it here in Super bowl XXV
Now, the best chance you have a good argument is Super bowl LI, which I will leave alone.
My second reason Super bowl XLIX, was the greatest of all time is because for the ending. Super bowl ended in an interception. Not just any interception, Russell Wilson on second and goal, instead of handing the ball to the best Running back in the league, Marshawn Lynch, he instead threw the ball intended for Wide Receiver, Ricardo Lockette, instead found the hands of Patriots player, Malcom Butler, sealing the deal for the Patriots. Now, you can argue that the Eagles threw an interception to the Patriots in the final seconds of Super Bowl XXXIX. It wasn"t as crucial as XLIX. The Eagles were nowhere in scoring position, so it really wouldn"t have made a difference in the end for the Eagles.
Now that I have broken down any argument you were going to use (Except for Super Bowl LI), pointed out your flaws of your last argument, and given my second argument. Nd2400 it is your turn to give us your final argument.


You made some very good points. I must say I did make a mistake on the SuperBowl XL, the Steelers did win that one. I also didn't make my argument clearly enough for the Dynasty part. SO let make this clearer now. For a Dynasty to happen you need to win two to three SuperBowls in a roll, or in a span of 5 years to 6 years. The Last SuperBowl win for the Patriots was in SuperBowl XXXIX, that was 10 years apart from their SuperBowl XLIX won. So my Agreement still holds true.

My new Argument is now to tell you the Seahawks Defenses wasn't the "greatest defense of the century." That title will go to the Baltimore Ravens in 2000. That Defense single handle won them the Superbowl XXXIV . The Seahawks had a decent offensive. Better than the Ravens had. The other part of that argument is the Seahawks lost the Superbowl if they had won you could have made a better claim.

Now you already mention XLII, But your reason for this SuperBowl not being as great, because they the Giants again face the Patriot 5 years later, and almost the same thing happens at the end of that game as the first time they face. That not a good argument to bring up something like that. Let me tell you why because every SuperBowl has a different outlook, different scenarios, different storylines, different outcomes, and different players stepping up. The Giants, Patriots match-up the in the second meeting was expected to be close. The first time they meet it wasn't even supposed to be close, instead, you had one of the biggest upset in history, and that clutch catch, and trash the party of a once perfect season by the Patriots. This game will always be remembered as one of the greatest game in SuperBowl history, the second time they meet would never be considered as one of the bests. This SuperBowl XLII, would be comparable to XLIX. Another reason why this was a great game is that no one had good expectations on this SuperBowl XLII, everyone was expecting a blowout by the Patriots. IN your SuperBowl XLIX people had a good expectation on this game to be close and entertaining, sure they did meet and when above expectations. But sure did the Giants and Patriots SuperBowl.

You Also mention XXV, Saying it was good, but not great as XLIX. In your argument, you say having a close game and a last-second field goal doesn't mean it should be considered because we had other games like that. Again if you going with that then your SuperBowl shouldn't be considered as well. You are right, on one hand, every close SuperBowl doesn't mean a great SuperBowl every time. Such as in your game, it was back and forth throughout the whole game, it keeps people guessing on who would win. It was kind of the same thing in SuperBowl XXV, The Bills, and Giants went back and forth, it had people guessing the whole game on who going to win it. It was full of great defenses plays, and some great exciting plays on offensives, scoring crazy touchdowns, and it was full of great plays. Actually, this game is still considered to be the best of all time, even after your SuperBowl XLIX. The Daily News had this Superbowl as their number one on their list as the best SuperBowl. They had your SuperBowl XLIX rank right behind XXV, it was second best of all-time.

Now we get to talk about this other SuperBowl, the one you didn't want to argue against. SuperBowl LI. We already know the facts of this game, it was the longest comeback EVER in any SuperBowl history. Coming back from 25 down is unheard of. The game was dead in the water, even the Falcons owner went down from his press office, onto the field near the end of the 3rd quarter to watch his team make history. It was supposed to be history for the Falcons winning their 1st Superbowl, instead, he saw just like the rest of the world his team having the biggest choke job in history. Not only we all saw this unfolding in the 4th quarter, but we all saw this game going to overtime. The 1st overtime game ever in SuperBowl History. This game can be comparable or even beat SuperBowl XLIX. Why, Because of some of the things I mentioned earlier. Plus we had clutch performances like Tom Brady taking control of the game and made this statement as being G.O.A.T. This game had full of drama, even in the beginning of the game, This was supposed to be exciting throughout the game, but instead, it was one-sided by the Falcons handling the Patriot to they worst lost in history. But that was only for 3 quarters until we saw the Patriots comeback in the 4th and overtime. In the beginning of this game the highlights wheel was just for the Falcons, then the last quarter the highlights when to the Patriots. This game is seen as the best SuperBowl in History according to ESPN, they also had SuperBowl XLIX as 3rd for the best. Do you know what SuperBowl was also ahead of the XLIX? Sitting at the second best SuperBowl in history by ESPN is XXV. Could go on and on about this SuperBowl LI, but that's why you didn't want to argue it in depth because you knew SuperBowl LI could top XLIX.

All three SuperBowls LI, XXV, and XLIX were great, well no not just great, but the Greatest of All-Time. You made some good points on why XLIX was the greatest, it just in my eyes, and others this SuperBowl came close, just not the Greatest of all time. You have your opinion, I'm not saying it wrong, nor I'm saying you are right. My point was to show you there are other great SuperBowls. My point was also to show you, other considerations about what is the Greatest SuperBowls.

My Greatest SuperBowl is LI, then my second is XXV, my third is XLIX. That's just my opinion. Everybody could have a different list, it no perfect lists, on who or what is the Greatest SuperBowls. The fact is all the games I have mention was great in they own ways.

Thanks for this Debate, This was pretty fun... Hope other readers feel the same.
Debate Round No. 3
7 comments have been posted on this debate. Showing 1 through 7 records.
Posted by Nd2400 3 years ago
Thanks... This was a fan one.. If you have any ideas on another football topic bring it on.
Posted by Shamoo2 3 years ago
Good match, defeat is accepted, be glad to have another football debate anytime. Congrats Nd2400
Posted by warren42 3 years ago
I'm compelled to agree with Con that both Super Bowl XLII and LI were better than Super Bowl XLIX. Con proved that the Patriots did not fit the definition of a dynasty (Pro rebuts this, but Con kinda snipes the argument in the final round) as they hadn't won a SB in about a decade. He also argues that the 2000 Raven defense was better than the XLIX Seahawk defense. Con therefore quickly dismantles the Pro case, which was founded on the great dynasty against the greatest defense.

Pro also argues that the last second flub from the Seahawks made it memorable. However, Super Bowl XLIIs helmet catch, as well as Super Bowl LI's comeback were both equally, if not more memorable, which Con points out and uses as offense.

Con's better offense, however, is in how memorable the matchups were (using Pro's own framework against him.) The goliath Pats team being taken down by Eli and company is an incredibly memorable SB, since the Pats were on the verge of completing the best season of all time. LI is incredibly memorable because of the huge comeback by the Pats.

TLDR: Con defeats Pro's case by proving that Pats weren't dynasty and Seahawks weren't best defense. Con then turns Pro's framework to win memorable matchups because of David/Goliath story and biggest comeback.
Posted by Nd2400 3 years ago
Like i said i don't believe in forfeiting. .So yea, this was pretty fun. I love sports. You could always debate one way or the other.
Posted by Shamoo2 3 years ago
I didn't want to argue Super Bowl LI because there wasn't much to say except for it was the biggest choke by any team. This was fun, thanks for not forfeiting at anytime.
Posted by Shamoo2 3 years ago
Nah... cold feet are for chickens just need time to develop my argument
Posted by Nd2400 3 years ago
Hope you not getting cold feet...
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