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Is Team Fortress 2 an awsome game???

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Started: 10/7/2017 Category: Games
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Team fortress 2 is no longer a good game. Why? First it is a first person shooting game which makes it seem like it is a awesome game but it just isn't. There are countless first person shooting games out there, call of duty, battlefield, halo... the list goes on, so what makes team fortress 2 a good game? The answers is: nothing. It has bad graphics, way behind the time, there are no more updates to keep it going, there is a lack of freedom in the maps and it is just so repetitive. Believe it or not games become out dated not counting the classics. like packman or super Mario 3 because they had originality and they are unlike any other game. But there are just to many games out there now days which have just improved TF2 in so many different ways.
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