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Is "The Brotherhood" is good for DDO

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Started: 9/18/2017 Category: Miscellaneous
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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This is a debate in which the DDO group "The Brotherhood" is in general good for DDO.

1st. Round is acceptance
2- 3 rounds are debating rounds
Debate Round No. 1


Thank you Con for joining my debate. I hope we can have a civilized discussion on "The Brotherhood".

Case Number 1: The DDO community never had real full fledged group. As we can see The Brotherhood changes that, we posted our manifesto, and established our group. We're the only DDO group currently that has a manifesto, and members.

Case Number 2: The Brotherhood isn't breaking the terms and services. As we know as long as The Brotherhood is not breaking the rules of DDO we're not making DDO a bad community.

Case Number 3: The Brotherhood is a group in which we support, and encourage our fellow members. If we're so bad for DDO why are we encouraging our fellow members on their debates, and forums?

Case Number 4: We value freedom of speech. As part of our manifesto, we respect everyone's opinion, and that they're entitled to freedom of speech no matter how controversial the speech may be.

Link to our manifesto:

I await my opponent.


Hello this is my response and rebuttal for the "civilized" debate, I'm the current leader of NHK (Niggerhood Knights) and the co-founder of ANSA (Anti-Nazi & Skinhead-Association)

Before we begin, i'd like to clarify a few used terms and quotes used by members of your organization.

"The brotherhood is an elite, secretive group dedicated to making controversial debate topics"

Elite: a select group that is superior in terms of ability or qualities to the rest of a group or society.

Your group is one that has been around for very little and was recently made by Masterful with it's co-founder What50. "Elite"? I think not.

"We are not a racist group"

Racist: a person who shows or feels discrimination or prejudice against people of other races, or who believes that a particular race is superior to another. (Google Reference)

You have previously used derogatory terms that would prove otherwise, also have made a whole debate regarding the features between Black people and chimps. Racist.

"Black people are more animalistic than white people."

"One such theory is because black people are a form of man sized vermin, they're pests. This suggests they have something in common with rats and other nasty, diseased vermin. This is also a case for ethnic purging, but that's for another debate."

Theory? Please provide links backing up your ridiculous theories/assumptions.

"Black people may be considered pests, violent and indeed ugly, however, we still share 99.9% of our DNA with black people, therefore we should attempt to conserve their species, it's our duty.
Black people are suffering from habitat loss and are no longer able to run freely through the Jungles of Africa, we need conservation, we need to preserve this species.

"Violent and indeed ugly" Racist. "Conserve their species" Completely and utterly racist, well according to definitions. they are also human beings and as you said share 99.9% of white people's DNA.

Please donate to my Zoo/sanctuary where i'm doing my best to conserve blacks.

I apologize that our rebuttal is largely comprised of Quotes, terms and definitions, however you would agree that this plays a large part in winning, would you not agree?

Below are a few "requirements" for joining your so called established "Elite" group
* Obey the DDO terms and services.
* Respect all Brotherhood members. (Only 2 members?) Perhaps only 1 user, using a sub account however "that's for another debate."

* No use of profanities or swear words.
* No personal attacks against other members or a member's opinions.
* No use of racial, sexual or religious slurs.
* No threats or implications thereof.

They use the terms and services as per requirement for joining "The Brotherhood" however you don't follow them yourselves. This is ultimately considered contradictory in my perspective. You don't follow the terms of services and as such don't comply with your own rules.

Thank You and please by all means continue with this "civilized" debate


Debate Round No. 2


Thank you Con for your response and hopefully we can keep this civil debate. My opponent"s entire argument is built around suggesting that we are racist, therefore our opinion does not matter.

I would like to begin by saying that while we have made some controversial statements in the past, we are most certainly not racist.
As a group we have grown and our ideas of certain ethnic groups have evolved, as a result of our growth, we can no longer be held accountable for our past statements or debates. The only reason my opponent is able to use our past debates against us, is because as a group, we try to be as transparent as possible. You know exactly where you stand with us, we don"t bullsh*t about our ideas.
As it happens, we reject our past statements and we openly admit that they were wrong, however, we do not regret making those statements, we firmly believe that was a part of an important step in helping us grow.
My opponent also makes another contention, that we contradict our own rules. He falsely quotes our manifesto found here-
In our manifesto you can find our rules-
"Follow Masterful the leader
Obey the DDO terms and services.
Respect all Brotherhood members.
These are the basic rules of the Brotherhood."

We obey the terms of use, openly criticising a certain ethnic group of people is not against the terms of use, I"ve also mentioned the growth our group has, and is going through.
We certainly show respect, not only to our fellow members, but for other users, we do not use profanities to insult, nor do we enact personal attacks on other users, unlike my opponent"s recent attacks against us-
A direct quote from my opponent- "Cleansing the World of Sin, Nazis, Skinheads and Racists"

My opponent also makes one final attack on our choice of words, being the word "Elite" he questions whether we are actually elite by simply stating that our group is "relatively new" therefore it cannot be elite.
We consider ourselves to be elite, based on our ability to adapt to new ideas, welcome anyone of any race, belief or gender and we are also proud of our good conduct.

To conclude-
I have contested my opponents 3 attacks on our group being:
1. His distaste for our past debates:
2. He believes we contradict our own rules, despite the fact that he mis-quoted our rules.
3. He dislikes our use of the word "elite."

It"s clear that my opponent has not been able to support his side of the argument, in no shape, way or form has he sufficiently explained why, on a website that promotes free speech, that our opinions are bad for the website and should not be welcomed.
Instead he cherry picks quotes made by our members who represent a larger group. He attacks the members which can falter due to human error, he does not attack the group itself.

The Brotherhood promotes togetherness, by accepting ANYone into the group. However, my opponent does not welcome anyone, he wants us to leave the site, made apparent by the group he is in where he states-
"We are a peaceful organization that works together with the community to eliminate Racists"
How does one "eliminate" peacefully? Hmm.
It"s clear that my opponent does not promote togetherness, he cherry picks who he wants in his community and attempts to decide who can exercise their free speech. This alone tells us that he is intolerant towards certain groups of people, thus making him a hypocrite based on the claims he has made towards us.

DDO is a website where many debates such as "abortion should be legal" and "God doesn"t exist" are very common, it"s refreshing to see a debate that is not only different, but is also controversial. It not only creates a new flow of ideas, but it helps others to question the previously unquestionable, this is healthy, this is what the Brotherhood believes DDO needs. However, that does not means our past debates represent us, nor are correct, they only represent a growth in our understand and the exploration of the unquestioned.

It"s clear my opponent is a part of a victim culture where his arguments are simply complaining how much certain ideas offend him.
I would ask my opponent to explain how the Brotherhood"s operation on this site has harmed anyone and how promoting a community and togetherness is harmful.


Ok. I will end this debate with this....

Your group consists of only 2 fagg0ts who are probably inbred. Which explains how dumb they are.

Shut up you hill billy fvcks, don't you have some siblings to be fvcking right now?

You cvnts are actually white TRASH lol. Please contribute to society you brain-less fagg0ts.

Here are some more insults

- I hope you two (masterful, what50) reach the greatest points in your lives then get diagnosed with terminal cancer.
- The only sense of superiority you get is out of flaming strangers in debates.

You two probably get molested by your own parents! I mean who knows???

Thank you for reading my response. Though this round i was able to debunk everything you said while simultaneously proving your organization to be nothing but a girl scout club filled with fagg0ts. FAGG0TY FUKS

Please consider these reasons when voting (to audience). Thanks to all supporters.


Debate Round No. 3
25 comments have been posted on this debate. Showing 1 through 10 records.
Posted by ShyreWolf 2 years ago
Congratulations to both parties. It was a tie
Posted by BoggleBros37 2 years ago
Posted by ShyreWolf 2 years ago
Now that the NHK is under my rule, there will be no more of this. Big changes are coming
Posted by Masterful 2 years ago

Boggle didn't have the mental fortitude to keep up. He found out that his opinion was wrong, that's when he became angry and began throwing around mindless insults.
If you're opposed to free speech then go right ahead, join them, but they're a mess and lack order.

It's also worth noting that if you have a tendency to cringe at things for no real reason, then that could be a sign of being socially awkward, only your problem.
Posted by ShyreWolf 2 years ago
I hate how it started so well but then ended so stupidly. I feel like Boggles could've won if he took it seriously. However, I like the rivalry between the NHK and Brotherhood.
For this reason I will join NHK because the sisterhood is just so fxcking cringy.
Posted by Masterful 2 years ago
While we encourage free speech, we do not encourage any violation of the Terms of Use. Using a homophobic slur in such a derogatory manner has got people banned in the past.

Pray to whatever God you worship, in the hope that the ban hammer of Airmax does not come smashing down upon you.

Classless fool.
Posted by Masterful 2 years ago
I was really looking forward to reading Boggles final argument, but he fell to pieces like a squirming, unintelligible fool.

I suppose this debate reflects exactly why the Brotherhood is superior to the NHK.
Posted by BoggleBros37 2 years ago
Note: The Brotherhood do not care about the insults.

If they are truly an organization that promotes FREEDOM OF SPEECH they'll do nothing.

Posted by BoggleBros37 2 years ago
Thanks for all your support my dudes. We are making BIG changes to Nigger Hood Knights. Please contact the new leader of the organization, The Undefeated, if you are interested in joining the organization

Posted by Mharman 2 years ago
I hate you madness.
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