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Is The Motion Picture Industry is threatening to destroy culture and tradition of any country?

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Started: 7/5/2018 Category: Entertainment
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Nowadays the best and the easiest way to earn a lot of money while entertaining yourself is to film a movie. Since inventing cinema1 a lot of books have been screened,a lot of sceneries (WW) have been written, a lot of actors and film directors have become famous. Ratings of visiting cinemas and DVD-selling are extremely high. And the motion picture industry can become a reason for a country's culture and traditions' death.

First, now the standard for all movies is art American film academy2. Every director tries to make his film "americanish3". So do now Russian film makers. Thus we try to hide Russian traditional life and show what people want to see - unbelievable adventures, luxury and an exciting story. Also, science-fiction films are extremely popular. They are about another reality - not that we live in. So that's how cultural traditions are getting lost in the net of attractive unreal stories.

Furthermore, in every city or town there are several places to go prep in free time - museums, galleries, art clubs, night clubs, cafes and cinemas. The last mentioned thing (style) is most preferable to go out in (prep) weekends for the most part of city's population. Why? It's the easiest way to get relaxed, the best place for dates... But what about our culture or history? As some surveys show4, a lot of people in Russia are not familiar to (prep) many Russian historical events. Also, people are not fond of the culture of their country, what's going on abroad seems more interesting. That's why museums and other cultural places are not popular. But movies about another nation's life is attracting everybody.What is the conclusion?

Summarizing it all, it can be said that the speed of developing of film industry is so high that it is threatening to destroy culture and traditions of our country. Of course, it is not the only reason of (prep) unpopularity of our own culture, but one of the biggest.


I love the American film industry, it's an empowering tool for all walks of life, it shows us how to live, love, and fear. Through the medium of film, one can present ideas, as well as entertainment. But should we allow this medium to cloud our traditions and nationalism?

I think not. After all, if we're American, Russian, or Chinese, then we'll keep what's valued in our heart. No movie would ever kill the notion that we're different (even though we're equal, too) from another culture. We are who we are. The reason directors try to emulate American film is because they're successful. For example, in China, there's a contract now that's becoming a huge deal in America, more American films will focus on China. . . why? Because they love our action-packed productions. But still, that doesn't mean we should forget who we are. These kinds of stories, though, have been in the making for over thousands of years, culture will never leave it, but people do what to see, or hear something, they could have never dreamed up before. Take the Odyssey for example, it's all about culture, yet it doesn't fail to tell a good story.

For me, my mother is Russian, and I watch a lot of those films, I see a lot of history on channel 1, especially recent series about Napoleon, the Czars, even Rasputin. These are new productions, if anything, I feel as if American audiences are less interested in history.

But that's BECAUSE its history.

Unlike other mediums, film attempts to tell a story, just look at Braveheart. Its a story, not a text book. Stories is what its all about, without story, characters, and a good plot, no one would see a movie, even if it were set in our time (Tom Cruise' The Mummy is a good example).

The conclusion thus far? Tell good stories, and people will watch ANYTHING that involves history. I'm working on a historical script myself, it just takes time to flesh it out.

Films like Braveheart, Saving Private Ryan, The Last Samurai, even the new Russian film Vikings, prove this (though I haven't been able to view it yet!).

P.S., and people still go golfing, y'know. Movies have attempted to conquer novels too, but it hasn't. It's all about taste. I have friends who don't like to sit in a dark theater, they'd rather do sports, or read.

Note: I won't be able to respond on Shabbat (sundown Friday to Saturday), Sunday is good, just letting you know why I won't respond during that time-frame, I don't want you to think anything's wrong. Good luck in the rebuttal.
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Posted by judaism 3 years ago
Also, philosophically, the industry couldn't destroy anything. Who's to say the auto industry would do the same?
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