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Is Theresa May a good Prime Minister

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Started: 6/24/2017 Category: Politics
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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She has done nothing but 'bad'. She is for the rich. She doesn't care about the working class and she wants to bring back grammar schools.


I'm a conservative, and therefore in favour of Theresa May and her opinions. I simply cannot agree with what you have said, she isn't just for the rich- she just knows that handing out millions of pounds to people on benefits that won't do any good for the UK is a complete waste of resources, and money, that could otherwise be used for the NHS and the police force. At the moment, the UK is in debt, and she has been forced to make cuts on public services, such as education, emergency services and the NHS. Once the debt is paid off, we can return back to our normal state, however the sudden influx of foreigners entering the country has been of detriment to our NHS' budget, and has forced extra housing to be put down. I'm not one of the rich ones, but I am simply aware of the fact that despite the bad manifesto, she will do what's best for the country. Please tell me what bad things she's thought of, besides bringing up Grammar Schools- which won't affect the working class in any way.
Thank you for reading.
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