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Is Trump a racist/sacrilegious?

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Started: 1/4/2017 Category: Politics
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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From CNN all the way to Buzzfeed, Donald Trump, the U.S. president-elect, has been called-out for being a racist numerous times by the biased media sources who are pushing their political agenda for the DNC. According to these sources, he is racist towards Mexicans, the Blacks, and Muslims (which isn't really racists, its prejudice on religion). In my point of view, Trump is no angel that descended from the heavens, but he has received unnecessary hate from those on the Left for something Trump never said.

1. Mexican Isn't A Race
From the minute Trump said "[Mexico isn't] bringing their best" and that "[Mexico is] bringing drugs, they're bringing crime, they're rapists", Donald Trump has been labeled as a racist towards the Mexican people, but here's why his comments weren't racists. Mexican isn't race, but a nationality of Mexico. If I were to say Americans are traveling stupid fat people with guns at there sides, that is not racist, its just a mean comment towards the American people. But, if this were the left, saying that *some* of the Mexican immigrants crossing the border are bringing a negative influence, that's racist! That's not racist that is just stating facts about a nationality.

2. Saying "Blacks" Is Racist If You Aren't Black
Those on the left get so insulted when they hear Trump say "Black", and not "African-American". What is so hypocritical is that saying "White" isn't racists towards white people, while saying "Black" is racist towards black people. There are no free-passes in the English language, and is not distinguished by the color of your skin. That mentality will destroy our country and divide it even more, so don't hate on Trump for doing the exact thing other minorities are calling white people (also, white people may become the minority in the next 20 years). Maybe Trump will stop saying "Black" when you stop calling him "White"?

3. Some Muslims Are Radicalized, But All Radicalized are Muslim
Trump has focused a lot of his loud mouth on Muslim Immigration, which is a big deal with the refugees. He has planned to ban immigration from foreign Muslims, which isn't racist, it would be sacrilegious. I have some questions, "What are terrorist coming from in Modern Times? And what religion do they follow? Does their religion have a renewal set to modernly acceptable morals? To answer them for the left, they are coming from everywhere, but mainly from the Middle East; they are of Muslim faith; and have no renewal like many religions, most importantly Christianity, set to modern customs and morals. The hate the revolves in the Qu'ran is unacceptable, and the radicalized people of Islam preach every word in the text as the truth (Jesus used love and kindness to spread Chrisianity, Mohammad killed thousands of people to spread Islam).All of the radicalized religions to this day is only Islam, so something needs to change in order for their to be peace. Trump only wants peace, and wants the American people safe from grave danger that is at the doorsteps of the United States of America.


Before I make my claim, I'd like to thank you for hosting this debate, and I respect your idea and beliefs. First of all, I understand that Mr. Trump has said many many things he shouldn't have said, but we must also realize that he's holding many people accountable when he makes these remarks. In my opinion, it's not a racist thing, but a more stricter thing. When he refers to Mexicans as rapists, drug dealers, and criminals, he's right. Let's not that when he did say these things, he said Mexico isn't sending their best. This means that he is saying Mexico has good people, but the ones coming in are making bad choices, and are illegal. As far as sacrilegious, I don't know.

My position: Trump is not a racist/sacrilegious

Trump's Mexican Remark...
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i messed up the debate, fml, i have same idea as you sorry man, just made an account and still getting use to it. soz
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