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Is Uganda Knuckles Racist?

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Started: 3/6/2018 Category: Funny
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Okay, lets get this straight, whoever oppoents you are.
Ugandan Knuckles has been described as problematic and racist since its emergence on VRChat, but like Pepe the Frog, its origins weren"t based on hateful content. The design for the character came from a one-second clip of a video created by YouTuber Gregzilla in early 2017, and was turned into a 3D avatar months later. The origin of the meme was innocent


Maybe it didn't start out as a racist meme but it has become one now.

According to USA Today: "Outlets including New York Magazine and gaming news site Kotaku note when users are mimicking African accents or clicking sounds, they will crack jokes about the Ebola virus. In one YouTube video, a version of Knuckles is shown wearing what appears to be blackface with the image of a watermelon across its chest."

Just like Pepe, racist people took something innocent and made it offensive. It's sad.
Debate Round No. 1


iKr? but Uganda Knuckles was made to be FUNNY, NOT A RACIST JOKE. And Segal said there"s a fine line " a "murky grey area," Kim calls it " when trying to determine whether a meme is hateful or offensive. A bunch of players in VRChat running around and yelling "ebola" at people, sporting fake Ugandan accents, making clicking sounds, and often times using racial epithets may be incredibly offensive people. REMEMBER NOTHING RACIST IS IN THIS CONTENT


As I already stated, Uganda Knuckles has BECOME racist, whether that was its original intention or not is irrelevant.

When you see Pepe, you don't think: "Wow, what a funny frog."

No, you think: "Ew, that weird frog racists use."

It's not funny anymore. It's sad that people turn fun stuff into offensive crap but that's the way it is. People should not be using Ugandan Knuckles anymore.
Debate Round No. 2


I see your point, but the difference between blackface and this meme is that blackface had clear racist intentions behind it, while this does not. Blackface was developed to humiliate black people, while this meme is simply using content from a foreign film in a comedic way. I'm confident most of them are not racists; they're just kids following a trend. But the blackface is created by different player, it have nothing to do with racist in the oringinal knuckles version


I concede.
You're right, Uganda Knuckles is awesome
Sorry, I have 4 other long debates and I've really stretched myself thin here.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Masterful 3 years ago
If racist people got a hold of a picture of Jesus and drew a swastika on his head, Jesus wouldn't suddenly become a sign of racism. By insisting this Ugandan knuckles is racist, you're actually creating racism where it does not exist.

A couple of guys making racist jokes cannot stain an inanimate object to a point where you can call that object racist.
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