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Is WICKED really good?

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Started: 6/3/2018 Category: Entertainment
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Hello, thank you for reading and participating in this debate. I wanted to make clear that we are talking about WICKED from The Maze Runner trilogy and prequels by James Dashner. Also we are going to talk about the books, not movies. I hope you enjoy this debate.


The Immunes are a small portion of the human population. Let"s go as far as to say the ratio is 1:100. Just because 2 people were born immune, should the other 200 just die? While WICKED did subject the subjects to cruel tasks, their suffering would save a massive population.
Debate Round No. 1


I do understand that WICKED was "saving the world" and did the trials, but it should have been obvious that the Flare had no cure. In The Fever Code, it is stated that The Flare and the chemicals that the Grievers used to "sting" the boys were all man-made by WICKED. The "sting"ing part was much later made than the Flare, but the Grief Serum was found faster than the Cure of the Flare- if there even was one. Also, like I mentioned, The Flare was a virus man-made by WICKED, in the books by Katie McVoy. In The Kill Order, you can see the letters she and the Chancellor gave to each other. The Chancellor has said that they needed something to wipe out the population, since there weren't a lot of resources to feed them all. So Katie had suggested a virus, and that's how they made The Flare. But this is a foolish thing and is the wrong way of using science. They used the virus to kill innocent people. Also, WICKED was a GIANT group with a bunch of countries involved, clearly it could have built more buildings and grew animals, and that way they can have enough resources and make people safe and let humanity thrive again. But they wasted money on making two giant mazes and lab testing, and much more. So WICKED did the wrong thing. They had the responsibility for The Flare virus, after all.


Yes, I agree that they should never have released the virus at all, but feeding the people was not their priority. The people could survive a food shortage, but the virus would kill them first, so it had to be cured. The Griever sting was carefully manufactured so that it the cure would work, so it spared no expense. Also, it is possible WICKED had planned for an outbreak as they did create the Flare, but it did mutate. So WICKED thought they had everything under control, but mutations changed everything, so they aggressively started spending on Trials to test different sections of a Munie"s brain to see what created the cure in them, so it could be harnessed.
Debate Round No. 2


"The people could survive a food shortage, but the virus would kill them first, so it had to be cured."

I meant that WICKED should have never made the virus at the first place. See, if there was no virus, there would have been more people alive. And when a lot of people are dead already, why was life not their priority? The only explanation I can find for WICKED is that they wanted to have the food and resources by themselves because they were THE government. Because they were foolish. Because they did not want to share.
And yes, I do think that WICKED never imagined the virus this strong. But if, according to what you said, "thought they had everything under control", they should have "carefully manufactured so that it the cure would work" for the Flare virus too. I mean, they knew it was a VIRUS, right? Then they should have made, or at least had an idea for a cure.
Now you're gonna say "And that's why they did the Trials!". BUT, they researched the cure for it like, ten years or something. For the Griever sting, it just took a few tries. Looking at this, can't you tell that The Flare had no cure? I think that WICKED should have gave up making the cure and made the non-infected non-immunes in a safe place. Like the Glade. Newt and Chuck wasn't immune, but they didn't go crazy. In the Glade, they never had contact with The Flare. If they kept the non-infected non-immunes there, more of the populations would have lived.

Again, thanks for joining the debate. It was a small one, but I enjoyed it.
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Debate Round No. 3
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