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Is Water Wet???

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Started: 1/30/2018 Category: Education
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Water simply cannot be wet. If you say water is wet, say, you pour water on water, would u say the water is wet? No! But if you pour water on paper then the paper is wet. You cannot say water is wet but that it makes things wet. If you say water is wet you might as well say the fire is on fire not the house is on fire. I'm not saying that water is dry. I'm just saying that water is not wet. Water makes things wet. So in conclusion to my argument, water simply isn't wet because yes the water particles technically are surrounding themselves and by the definition of wet, would make them wet and so the mass of water wet. water itself isn't wet, the chemical make-up of it is, but water isn't considered wet, until after it changes the chemical anatomy of something and makes it more of a liquid in chemical substances. But water is just an example of what we think of and use when "wet comes to mind", wet describes the feeling of and sensation that occurs to everyone whenever a liquid is applied to us. Finally, did you know that scientists have even proven, that even when your swimming, you are not considered to be wet or even touching anything wet until after your body is now exposed to air particles. your body is technically not covered in water until air touches it, because scientists have done an experiment, they touched something to water and didn't let even an atom of an air particle touch it and the object wasn't wet or considered wet by either definition of what wet means. water didn't touch the object, not moisten it at all... just saying, I'm went to college for 6 years and I've written 3, 1,200 Pg. essays on this and i got 100% for each, my explanations actually won an award and a certificate of premature science and speech requisites.


If you pour paper on paper it's still paper. Water poured on water is not wet if it's just adding more to the same thing. Wet is the consequence of an item being submerged in water. Water its self is not wet. when you are in the water do you feel wet? no. you feel wet once you get out of the water yes. silly goose
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Posted by ItsYaBoiV2 3 years ago
um, I think this guy was looking to debate someone of the opposite opinion not someone who agrees with him.
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