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Is beauty only skin deep?

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Started: 4/6/2018 Category: Fashion
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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We all care about the way we look to some extent. Some people take an hour to get ready, some take 10 minutes. I care about my looks. But my personality is something that I care about too. We should"t focus on our outer beauty more than our inner beauty. Would you want to be around someone that is beautiful on the outside and ugly on the inside, or would you rather be around someone that in"t beautiful, But has a heart of gold? Your answers may very. But in my opinion, I would rather be around somebody that in"t very beautiful on the outside with a heart of gold. I would"t want to be around someone that treats me like trash. Beauty is on the inside. And not enough people think that.


Honestly, I agree with you. But too many people care about looks. They won't even see your personality if they don't talk to you because they see that you aren't up to the latest trend. I say if it matters that much, than you better take the extra hour to prep for the day.
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Posted by harrynguyen 3 years ago
I totally agree with you that the inner beauty is more important than the outside look. In my opinion, the values of a person come from his character. What is your beauty for if you are mean and rude? Who will want to be your true friend? So we must consider the beauty of inside when judging a person. On the other hand, we also have to aware of the role of the outside look. A lot of researches have shown that we can earn more money with a lovely look. Being beautiful helps you do things easier. Is it perfect if we are good-looking on the outside and have a heart of golden?
Posted by Zarium 3 years ago
But what do you mean by 'beautiful' on the inside?

Is it that they have perfectly symmetrical innards or something??
Posted by BestDebateBoy 3 years ago
I can't go against you... I agree with your side of the debate
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