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Is being gay/lesbian/bisexual ok?

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Started: 7/29/2018 Category: Society
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I read your comment and wanted to ask that you did accept the debate. Also on the other thing the numbers and letters and other stuff is a LGBT flag.

Yea I think it"s ok. I mean telling people they"re not allowed to be together because of being the same sex is basically saying "hey ur not allowed to fall in love with this person! " That"s completely wrong, Right?

Apparently this is against some religions, But the one of the same religious characters who was against gayness also said getting your hair cut was wrong. When"s the last time you got your hair cut?

A lot of people think that it affects their children - it"s better to have both a male and a female parent, But its a very bad influence if the parents exclude people because of who they date, Or parents who got together because they weren"t allowed to be gay, And they have an unhappy marriage or get a divorce.

Idiotically, Some people think it"s a disease. It isn"t. They are born that way and if you ask me they have a better understanding of love, As do those who accept them. They know that people should be able to love whoever can make their way into their heart.

Lastly, It isn"t really about diseases, Or reproduction, Or family issues, Or science, Or religion. It"s about love. Am I right?


You said, "They are born that way and if you ask me they have a better understanding of love, As do those who accept them. " People are not born that way and being gay is a choice. I personally have had urges to be gay(I imagine every guy has) but I resisted these. Because I can. Because being gay is a choice.

Why being gay is a bad choice? It is a bad choice because Gays are more likely to contain and spread HIV.
The center for disease control states, "Gay, Bisexual, And other men who have sex with men are 17 times more likely to get anal cancer than heterosexual men. " https://www. Cdc. Gov/msmhealth/STD. Htm.
Debate Round No. 1


No, Being gay is a choice, And everyone has urges to be gay. Around the age of puberty, When kids start to have "crushes", They feel more comfortable with their own gender. This does not mean that they are gay. However those who go on to date others of the same gender are born with the ability to have feelings for girls and boys, Or the same sex. Some people will try to deny it, But those who accept themselves probably do have a better understanding. You denied it. Why?
A lot of people get HIV/ AIDS in different countries. I don"t think it"s too much of a problem if they get tests before. Besides the diseases, I assume, Come from sex which means that there"s nothing wrong with dating others of their same gender at all, And having sex is fine too. Other than the sickness point, There is nothing to prove me wrong.


I denied it because I didn't want to get HIV in the future.

Yes, A lot of people get HIV in different countries. However, Https://www. Hiv. Gov/hiv-basics/overview/data-and-trends/statistics states that 1. 1 million people have HIV within the US. This is about 1/300 Americans.

https://www. Cdc. Gov/hiv/group/msm/index. Html states that 600, 000 of these infections are gays. This means that a majority of these infections are from Homosexuals.

The site also stated that the HIV infection rate among gays has been stable, While it has been declining overall.

Gays make up about 2% of the US population. This means that a gay person is about 22x more likely to have HIV then a straight person. It also means that there are about 6 million gays in the United States. If 600, 000 of them are HIV+, Then it means that 10% of gays have HIV/AIDS. This is about the same rate as what is in Sub Saharan Africa, The birthplace of the disease.

-Most HIV diagnosed and current infections are from gays, While they make up only 2% of the population.
-Gays are 22x more likely to have HIV
-10% of Gays have HIV, About the same rate as what is in Sub Saharan Africa, The birthplace of the disease.

If Homosexuality is encouraged by society, Then more people will be gay. As a result, The HIV rate will skyrocket.

"I don"t think it"s too much of a problem if they get tests before. " While HIV and other STD tests help, What if the test confirmed is HIV+? If it is, Then many homosexual partners don't care. This explains why it is growing within the gay community.

"which means that there"s nothing wrong with dating others of their same gender at all". I'm worried that dating people could end up leading to sex with them, Which is bad for the reasons that I stated (HIV). The following is going to be a metaphor explaining my point:

-Lets say that you put a living frog into boiling water. What will the frog do? He will jump out.

-However, What would happen if you put the frog in Luke warm water and you gradually heated it up to that boiling temperature? The frog won't want out and it won't notice it's self getting cooked.

This teaches how dangerous gradualism is in this context. Dating someone in a lesbian relationship is like being in Luke warm water and having sex with them is like the boiling water. Once your used to the dating, Homosexuals tend to want gay sex, Which is dangerous. I'm not against Luke warm water/dating. I am against what it could lead to. Even you said, "And having sex is fine too".

-https://www. Hiv. Gov/hiv-basics/overview/data-and-trends/statistics
-https://www. Cdc. Gov/hiv/group/msm/index. Html
Debate Round No. 2


Okay, Sure, But this debate was "is being gay/lesbian/bisexual ok? " not "is Gay sex ok? ", So do you have any actual reasons why people can"t be gay? I think it"s completely fine. I totally get your point about HIV/AIDS, But I know a few gay people and none of them have HIV/AIDS. Now, To be fair, I live in the UK, So it might be different here, But I certainly don"t have HIV and neither does my girlfriend, Although we"ve never gone that far. I would like to hear some real reasons that it"s not ok to have feelings for the same sex, Apart from HIV/AIDS. Telling people they can"t love each other. . . Do you really think you"re right?


Being LGBT is not okay because it leads to bisexual sex. I have stated my reason on why people shouldn't be LGBT. You may know 3 gay people and none of them have HIV/AIDS, But I said 10% of gays has HIV/AIDS. You just don't know any gays who have HIV. Also, I was talking about Bisexuals and Gays. Not Lesbians. I don't know if they are more likely to have HIV. If neither you nor your girlfriend has HIV, Good, Lets keep it that way. I believe that most marriages, Straight or not will inevitably involve sex. I hope you resist the sexual urge. My real reason is in order to eliminate the spread of HIV. Even though I have had some non straight feelings, I personally have been doing my best to resist them.

I'll finish off with this:

You can like to hang out with your girlfriend. You can visit their house everyday. You can even be roommates with her.
You can even like her for her personality. These almost never result in sex and are therefore acceptable forms of partner based recreation. However, Marriage often leads to sex. Lesbian sex should be resisted. Being LGBT is bad because it increases the urges for sex and when it does, It often spreads HIV.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by asta 3 years ago
Good point. I agree with you now.
Posted by ThoughtsandThoughts 3 years ago
Using that logic, We could ban a lot of other things like alcohol, Beds, Couches, Lingerie, Etc. They all can lead to sex.

PS: I think if the moderators/web developers can do something in the next couple months, It should be fine.
Posted by asta 3 years ago
Gay people can hang out. They can be friends. They can go to the movies. They can hang out. These activities don't lead to sex. However, Gay marriage leads to gay sex. It is because of this that it should be banned.

P. S. I think debate. Org is going to close. Do you believe this?
Posted by ThoughtsandThoughts 3 years ago
That's not a causal relationship either though.
Posted by asta 3 years ago
I also claim that being gay leads to promiscuity. This is why I want gay sex to be illegal.
Posted by ThoughtsandThoughts 3 years ago
Your claim is that promiscuity is wrong then. That's a different debate.
Posted by asta 3 years ago
Although it's a hypothesis, It might be true because the only reason why straight males aren't promiscuous (generally) is because of the fear of upsetting their spouse. The thing is, With gays, They don't have to worry about that fear. Why else would gays tend to be over 20x more promiscuous then straights? THis is also why lesbians are less likely to have HIV, Since females tend to like stable, Monogamous relationships.

I want promiscuity banned for everyone BTW. I suspect that gays would be more likely to do it illegally. Placing 2 laws on it (one for banning gay sex and another for banning promiscuity) can help reduce promiscuity by reducing gay sex rates.
Posted by ThoughtsandThoughts 3 years ago
You are trying to make an argument off a weak tangent where there is no causal relationship. Straight people are also promiscuous.
Posted by asta 3 years ago

You said that gay promiscuity was due to other factors. You mentioned the causes were:

- They worry less about the risk of pregnancy. However, They still should worry about HIV and other STDs. Because of this, They shouldn't have sex at all.

- Society oppression. However, Other groups have endured society pressure before like Blacks. However, Black people within the US aren't as significantly more likely to get HIV then non Blacks or if they are, It is not nearly as disproportionate as gays.

I think the reason why gays tend to be more promiscuous is because being gay creates promiscuity. In straight relationships, A man tends to not be promiscuous because he's worried about upsetting his wife. However, In gay relationships, The men don't care and even encourage promiscuity since men biologically like to be promiscuous.

They control this urge in straight relationships because they have too. This is not a requirement of gay marriages. Being gay creates promiscuity.
Posted by ThoughtsandThoughts 3 years ago
Just thinking on this a bit more -- and while we know that gay sex doesn't cause HIV -- it's also interesting to consider that homosexuality is probably under-reported in doctor's offices/studies since it's not as socially acceptable. Furthermore, We also know that increased numbers of sexual partners increases the risk for HIV. Gay and lesbian people may sometimes have increased numbers of sexual partners because they worry less about the risk of pregnancy (no citation needed). They may also have increased numbers of sexual partners because they are more at risk for psychological issues and have poor coping mechanisms (as a result of societal pressure to be straight). Anyway, Very important to note that correlation doesn't equal causation. Like the toaster contraception method! Having a toaster is linked to having less children, But it doesn't mean it causes you to have less children. Crazy, Right? !
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Reasons for voting decision: The whole HIV point was a huge red herring to the actual debate. As pro pointed out, the debate is about if being gay/lesbian/bi is okay (not about sex). The loose connection that gay/bi people have sex sometimes and a larger number of gay people have HIV does not indicate that it is not okay to be gay. And even though the HIV part is irrelevant to the debate, being gay doesn't cause HIV. So either way, the statistic is really a moot point.

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