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Is beyonce' better than Rihanna?

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Started: 2/13/2014 Category: Entertainment
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to me i think they are both are great singers and to say if you think beyonce' better than rihanna? both of there careers are just outstanding they both than had a ups and downs but still came back up. rihanna has had an abusive situation and beyonce' has had a baby, but they still came back and came succeful. If you think that beyonce' is better than rihanna than you are worng because they are both equally the same they are talented , beautiful gurls and they know how they can persue their career with what they can continue to do. As beyonce'is an actress and a singer she has been very busy with everything that she has been through even with the pregnacy. Rihanna has been through alot to she is a great singer and when she was in a realationship with singer/actress chris brown, they kind of had an a serious problem he hit her really bad and caused her career to go down, but you know when she heeled up she came back with her music. As both rihanna and beyonce' are both grown wemon i dont think that they both are better than one anouther they see each other as both artist that are trying to bring there career to a maximun highlight for them selves.


in my opinion beyonce is better, statistics and numbers never lie (unless tampered with) , beyonce has had a far better career and has been in the music industry longer, her experience completely surpasses rihanna. you can say they are equal as singers, but no two people are on the exact same level. :)
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Posted by Soulja_n 6 years ago
lol, yes she did, don't be naive. I never said beyonce was better than rihanna, I don't think they're better than each other, they're on the same level to me...
Posted by keshiraPHS 6 years ago
ik she didnt so why do yall think that beyonce is better than rihanna when they both are very equal as singers
Posted by ambivalentsoul 6 years ago
Beyonce..........didn't use a surrogate.
Posted by keshiraPHS 6 years ago
im am going agaist, its saying that i donot think that beyonce is better than rihanna?
Posted by Soulja_n 6 years ago
Everybody knows Beyonce used a surrogate...
I don't know about one being better than the other, but I don't get what side your on...
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Reasons for voting decision: Beyonce is queen.

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