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Is cellphone jammer important to life?

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Started: 1/2/2018 Category: Science
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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With the development of science and technology, mobile phone is more and more important to us, we have a lot of information and cell phone bound together, the information involved is wide, how to protect the safety of the mobile phone has become an important measures to protect the safety of personal information. The leakage of information not only has an important impact on our security, but also in our lives, the harassing phone is also an important factor in the leakage of information. Using cell phone jammer has become an important way to protect mobile phones.

In fact, all of the signal equipment, rain completely by the cooling system and big fan and casing configuration rain lightning module of high performance aluminum fin on the discrete output the number of the special design of effective cooling design intelligence prevent effectively, all GPS radio waves stop the domestic mobile phone signals, by the host system and tabular high-gain antenna for dual polarization orientation, completely sealed separate output modular design, high performance aluminum fin and large fan and the chassis intelligent effectively block, the number of effective combination and special sheet car charger charger built-in large capacity, domestic lithium battery, and follow up duration of standby operation described in full charge of GPS satellite positioning signal, convenient and handheld devices of hidden line, small and light, shielding cooling 2-4 hours.

Advantageously, a portable wifi jammer Users can adjust output unit, closed circuit, or selectively shielding precise mask, can work long hours, does not affect other communications, shielding all the domestic mobile phone signal. Suitable for screening test rooms, conference rooms, workshops, courts, interrogation rooms, churches, etc. Suitable for screening test rooms, conference rooms, workshops, courts, interrogation rooms, churches, etc. Peeping detector efficiently allows the user to adjust the output device, closed circuit, or selective shielding precise mask, a long time operation, does not affect other communications, to block all the domestic mobile phone signal. You can continue to work effectively at home and abroad.

Does the mobile interference system have radiation or damage to the human body?
A: for radiation, electronics are all radiation. Mobile phones that are essential to daily life also have radiation. But is it really harmless to the human body because the cell phone's jammer is less radioactive than this one?

Q: I like the GPS jammer, but there are more powerful models (about 10 meters in radius)? If possible, it's cheap, portable and can be charged. The business model is too expensive to carry.
Answer 1: if it's a pacemaker, I think I'm afraid of strong radio interference.
In the latest pacemakers, when I was in the hospital put a pacemaker in the next bed that the patient said, if I carry it, if I move the 30 centimeters are absolutely safe.

What are the methods of blocking the radio waves and making them unusable?
A: depending on the building, you may use building materials that do not pass radio waves and place them outside the service area. This is a common method used by hospitals. In this case, all radio waves are not there.


First of all, you should know that I am only responding because I am bored.

Secondly, could you PLEASE speak with correct grammar? Your sentences are just a mashup of words and I can't understand you at all. Your sentences take up entire paragraphs. Break it down a little. Try writing your first argument again but with logic, order, structure and grammar.
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