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Is chocolate a candy

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Started: 1/31/2017 Category: Miscellaneous
Updated: 4 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Chocolate is not candy


Firstly you have made no opening arguments to you debate which I find unreasonable.

But anyway before we begin discussing we must first define what candy is. According to yourdictionary. com ( candy is "a sweet treat usually made with sugar."

Now the most popular type of chocolate in the United States was Milk Chocolate so we will use that as our basis. Milk chocolate (keep in mind it varies) has 52g of sugar in it. Haribo color-rado which is one of the companies all time best sellers has 55g of sugar.

So this means milk chocolate only has 3g less sugar than what is defined as "candy" which would incorporate it into that category.

I am interested to see your arguments.
Debate Round No. 1


Don't tell me how to debate. I know how to debate but I don't want to. Chocolate isn't candy because it is not supposed to show up on your own feet and I have no one else I want you here to do that I have no problem there are no words for me to be a liar.

I am right and you are wrong


"Don't tell me how to debate"

I most certainly wasn't, please stop plainly accusing without any backup information, it makes you seem weak.

"I know how to debate but I don't want to."

So why did you make this in the first place?

"Chocolate isn't candy because it is not supposed to show up on your own feet"

I'm sorry but where on earth did this sentence come from, if you are going to say things at least back up your information!

"and I have no one else I want you here to do that I have no problem there are no words for me to be a liar."

Please use sentences that normal human beings can understand.

"I am right and you are wrong"

Evidence for this?

Anyway since you have neither rebutted nor given another true statement I will continue with mine. According to the Hershey Company, chocolate is a type of candy. Furthermore, defines candy as anything made with sugar or syrup. Since one or both are frequently added in the process of making chocolate, it fits the definition of candy.
Debate Round No. 2


I did this on my phone so I just pressed the middle button.

Anyways, do you put Sour Patch kids in your ice cream? Probably not. Do you put Skittles in your souffl"? Nope. You put either Chocolate syrup or just Chocolate. That is because Chocolate is more of a delicacy than a candy. Some chocolate bars do have candy and it's up to you to decide wether or not you want it to be candy or chocolate.

One example of something having syrup in it and not being candy is Fruit Punch. You have to mix SYRUP and water in order to make Fruit Punch. Is it a candy? No it is not. Another example of of something having SUGAR in it but not being a candy is Donuts, Ice Cream, Sweet Tea, several versions of coffee, and Juice. There are many products that have sugar or syrup in it but isn't a candy.

I didnt have much time, so that's why I didn't really put real facts into my arguments


"Some chocolate bars do have candy and it's up to you to decide wether or not you want it to be candy or chocolate."

So you are leaving your argument to judgement which is basically opinion, and opinions are not the same as facts.

As for your main argument you stated example of other items that have sugar in the be they are not candy. So I would like to request that YOU give us a definition of candy!
Debate Round No. 3


First off I would like to point out the grammar error you made in the first sentence of the third paragraph.

Second, my definition of candy is something where you... you know what. I just realized that we are debating about chocolate and candy. Seriously what are we even doing. It's sad to see us using our free time to debate about something that won't effect anything.

I fold. You win


Well I must say that it was quite amusing reading through that sentence. Yes we may have dipped into our immaturity debating about chocolate and candy. Anyways it was lovely debating with you :)
Debate Round No. 4
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Debate Round No. 5
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