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Is cloning animals ethical?

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Started: 9/18/2018 Category: Science
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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As it stands, I believe animal cloning to be unethical- often it is used to validate forms of testing despite the output being the same as any other animal, And other times is used simply for the sake of it, In the process having multiple failed results that get close but ultimately perish a painful death (often lung or heart defects that take hours after 'birth' to kill them). I do not see any legitimate use of animal cloning that, In the end, Is not based in animal abuse itself, Nor do I see any advantage over traditional gestation. Often it seems to be done for the sake of doing it, Which is a horrible thing to base it on when you're playing with living creatures.


Yes, It would be ethical. You're creating an animal for the sake of doing it, Yes. But your also helping advance towards greater things. If we could do this with humans we could live for generations and generations. It might not be the 'original' you. But it would be you and it would have your mind and body. As it is a clone of an animal it would be the same. They might have defects but that could happen in nature either way. It happens and we could bring back extinct animals. If we could obtain the mammoth blood of any sorts we could clone it using elephants (scientist hypothesize). Now it might be a tragedy that animals die in the process. But like you said they are clones. Meaning if they died were they ever truly alive? Most of the time if a clone dies the original is still there your merely creating an experiment that failed. Because in the end, That is all it is a clone. Even if it dies your having a thing that never really lived beside in the womb but it didn't feel or know anything. It might be painful but the animal after coming out of the womb wouldn't even understand the concept of pain. Or at least realize it just like you don't remember being born either. And when your cloning an animal your not killing it for no reason. You're doing it for trial and error. To be able to help with the process of future cloning. So you can prevent fewer deaths in general.

https://www. Theguardian. Com/science/2017/feb/16/woolly-mammoth-resurrection-scientists
- cloning mamoths
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