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Is compulsory sterilization acceptable in situations where offspring will suffer substantially?

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Started: 1/17/2018 Category: Society
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Most people would agree that reducing the amount of suffering in the world would be the right thing to do, provided we were in a position to do so.

Therefore it is acceptable to sterilize people, even if it goes against their will, if it is extremely likely that their children will suffer exponentially in impoverished, war-torn, and just generally oppressive environments which prevent intellectual growth and an adequate quality of life. The potential offspring's suffering, will almost undoubtedly always be greater, quantifiably, than that of the parent being denied the ability to procreate. Therefore compulsory sterilization is not only acceptable, but the right thing to do.

For argument's sake, let's arbitrarily say this applies to just the 10,000 most underprivileged people in the world--the people who will likely die of starvation in their 30s.


WHY IS IT NECESSARY TO STERILIZE PERSONS AGAINST THEIR WILL??? That's a huge breach in Human Rights and veryyyy unacceptable......... Forced/ Compulsory sterilization is wrong and should not be condoned
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It's not always necessary. Some people will do so voluntarily. However, for the ones who lack the capacity to not consider the inevitable suffering of their future children, it's perfectly acceptable to intervene if we know that children are going to be harmed once they're brought into the world. How is it fair to not stop that, if he have the ability to do so? Granted it should always be done as humanely and fair as possible.

Is it ok to take children away from abusive parents? How is it any different? We recognize that people cannot be owned, and therefore it becomes a collective effort to look out for the voiceless.

It's in the best interest of the future non-existent person to not have to endure a life of unimaginable suffering. Wouldn't we be heroes for preventing it? Would it have been acceptable to procreate in a Nazi concentration camp?

People who starve to death exist. You're in a privileged position, relative to these people. Thousands of people die every day from starvation. How can we allow that to continue? It's cruel to let that keep happening when there is something we can do to prevent it.

So it is acceptable to allow this process to continue, knowing that the result is exponential suffering for thousands? Is it your right to allow that to happen? Shouldn't you intervene when you can to prevent suffering? Or is the arbitrary and socially constructed idea that procreation is a human right more important than the suffering of thousands?
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Posted by Edwardclark 2 years ago
are you saying that starvation to the point of dying is relative? it's unquestionably suffering, and it's absurd to say otherwise. eugenics is not bad if it is intended to reduce harm.

if you knew a child would be born with Tay Sachs or Huntington's Disease, for example, would you say the humane thing to do would be abort the unconscious fetus, rather than have that person come into being and consciousness only to to feel pain and suffer for the duration of their short lives, IF YOU COULD PREVENT IT? Would you want to be born into that life? Wouldn't you resent the fact that something could have been done to prevent you from experiencing a short hellish life full of pain and suffering?
Posted by Arganger 2 years ago
suffering is a very opinionated view of something. Only the individual can decide if they are suffering. Can people stop with trying to bring back eugenics? As someone who would likely be effected it is quite terrifying!
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