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Is consciousness eternal?

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Started: 6/16/2018 Category: Philosophy
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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There is something very strange about our reality and the limitations of what we can experience as consciouse beings, birth, life and death... or at least that"s what most of us believe we will experience. Did I ask to be born? Did I ask to live and die? Why am I consciouse as me and not as you? I am consciouse as me because I am meant to be, there is some kind of rhythm to all of this. Our consciousness I"m certain lives on after death, I feel like our bodies and our minds are a filter that limits the true power of our conscious energy. But why? There is a reason we are here I"m sure, there is also a reason that science and our understanding, despite its astonishing advancements does have a limit, at least to the human mind.

So if our energy lives on after death, I often ponder what next? Is our conscious energy limited to just human beings or are there other filters like animals and insects, is our conscious energy recycled throughout all life on this planet at the point of death and then again back to life again, just like all biological matta is recycled and reused throughout ecosystems, or does our consciousness proceed even this planet and it"s life, does it travel elsewhere to distant habitable planets to be matched with biological life there? Or maybe it is not just biological life that our conscious energy is able to experience?


Humans' consciousness is based on the senses. If the person is dead, he/she lost his/her consciousness. No one asked for being born, but everyone is born because their parents give birth to them. We cannot choose to live in the world, but our parents had made the choose that they want a baby, that's why we are here. You are conscious as you, not me, because your brain controls your body, not mine.
There are astonishing advancement in knowledge in various fields in these days. Humans gain more understanding in our world, but we will never know everything. Sometimes, we realized that the beliefs and knowledge in the past is wrong, as we develop new ideas and theories. We won't know everything, but we will keep discovering more and more, so the limit in our knowledge simply does not exist.
The human mind and body do have limitations in performance. That's normal, and true for every organism. All organisms are born to be imperfect, so that there are competition between the same species, and between different species. Competition leads to improvement, which is very obvious in our human society. That's why we have a limit in our ability.
Keep in mind that having limitations in performance does not implies that it has limitation in knowledge. We do not have perfect memory, we all will be sick and dead one day. These are limitations in our performance, but we will still have advancement in literature and technology. We will still gain more understanding towards our world.
Why would pro think that our energy live after death? What is conscious energy? It is imaginary. Matter is recycled and reused in ecosystems, but our consciousness is just the thoughts generated from our brain, and it is lost after we are dead. Even energy is lost among trophic levels in ecosystem. e.g. respiration.
If consciousness can be transferred from one organism to another, why we don't have the memory of being another person/organism? If memory is lost, how can you prove that consciousness is transferred?
Debate Round No. 1


So if you believe our understanding and progress knows no limits due to expansion in knowlege over time and that conciousness and awareness are merely a construct of our brain, then am I right in assuming that you believe one day we will be able to replicate consciousness and awareness in robots? I believe this to be impossible, my opinion is you can"t replicate self awareness and consciousness, you may be able to get as close as to replicate the behavior of a self aware and conscious being but how do you prove its self aware? I think the key lies in me being me and you being you, not you being me and me being you, that is proof as far as I am concerned that self awareness is a construct of its own, separate from the mind, and the two require each other, or at least the mind requires consciousness. Let"s just say that conciousness is the result of our energy or soul if you like merging with our body and our minds, and that without the two we don"t have consiousness, but after death I believe that energy lives on and is reused and that energy is you, the one that will
Be aware no matter what vessel or filter you inhabit, it will be you that experiences the world through that vessel not me or anyone else. Truth is stranger than fiction my friend... you live on a tiny ball in a space so much larger than your mind can comprehend with so many different laws and rules that work differently from what you know here, your mind cannot even fathom. Anything and EVERYTHING. Is possible in this this reality.
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Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Britinborneo 3 years ago
Seems like logic to me, of course if the Brain is damaged so will be your personality... as I said your mind is like a filter... you... your personality, its all part of your mind... but it"s your conciousness that experiences the world around you through that filter. If you just so happen to be brain dead then unfortunately your consciousness will see through a browken filter... a lot like looking through a crack in the wall, you won"t see to much of what"s outside or understand it very well... you make the assumtption that I believe our personality is our concisouness... no I believe that"s all part of our filter... our vessels that we inhabit. Our consciousness is what breaths life into biological matter it is us. And in my eyes it is reused, just like biological matter is reused.
Posted by Surgeon 3 years ago
This sounds like Deepak Chopra mumbo jumbo full of baseless assertions of what consciousness is. We do not know what it is, other than it appears to be an emergent quality of higher functioning brain structures. As the brain is damaged so can be the concomitant consciousness and even personality. If you are pushing substance dualism, then you need to offer arguments for it. Most philosophers of mind do not subscribe to this view because of the interaction problem. But you hav3 built no case for this view of consciousness, seemingly happy to hide behind vague words like "energy".
Posted by missmedic 3 years ago
We know that when the brain is damaged, so is the conscious mind. When the brain dies so does the conscious mind. And that energy you talk of is simply heat.
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