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Is country life better than city life?

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Started: 5/6/2021 Category: Miscellaneous
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I personally think that life in the city is much better than life in the country, Since it provides us with an environment with greater access to what we basically need: health centers, Food varieties, Good education, Greater job offers, Among others, Everything at your fingertips. On the contrary, Life in the countryside, No matter how simple and comfortable it may be, Is restricted to these factors, As socioeconomic conditions often end up being inferior to what would be provided in urban centers. Of course, Cities are not perfect, Both they and rural areas have their positive and negative points, But it is clear that they give us the best they can offer us without having to go through the problems faced in the countryside.
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Posted by Glori12 1 month ago
In my opinion, In terms of health it is better to live in the countryside than in the city, Since people suffer less stress and perhaps do not consume as much bad food that is readily available in the city. On the other hand, In terms of work, The city is better and I agree with what was said before that there are more job opportunities and access to different things.
Posted by Juan17 1 month ago
I think it depends on the person, Both places have their advantages and disadvantages to live, On the one hand the city is a place where you can easily find supermarkets, Hospitals, Schools, However, You have to live with the daily noise, Stress, Contamination. On the other hand you have the country side where there is little pollution, The noise is scarce, Most of the cases you can grow your own food, However, In many occasions there are no hospitals nearby or supermarkets. In my case I prefer the country to the city.
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