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Is deafness a disability?

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Started: 1/28/2019 Category: Society
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"I'm not disabled, I'm Deaf" is an argument frequently seen movement from the hands which is forms of sign language using Deaf community. But what do they really mean when they say that they're not disabled? And is a difference the deafness to the other disabled people, When really we all stand under the same cloud.


I accept your argument.

There's an program that I'm in because I have ADHD which is an disability. I looked at the requirements that would be an disability. Basically an if you look it up, An disability is an "a physical or mental condition that limits a person's movements, Senses, Or activities. " As it says in the dictionary.
I looked up at all of the disabilities. If you look it up on the disability program. Is considered an disability along with Blindness and Autism.
Debate Round No. 1


For me, As a Deaf person, I believe that the physical state of being deaf is a identity not a disability, Because the label as disability is placed by hearing person. We, Deaf people can function everything as the hearing people do but for the whatever sounds are same as word we reading but in the same language. Mainly hearing people got idea about what Deafness being are misunderstood. Its meaning of linguistic and cultural minority is the idea I stand by. However, Many deaf people are happy to claim Disability Living Allowance, Deaf person's Railcard and Freedom Pass at the same time as they claiming they are not disabled.

To be corrected, Autism and Deafness are two completely different conditions.

Deafness are simply hearing loss in the ear or both.

Autism are individual that development disorder that inability to communicate and intract.

Therefore Autism are not able to function as hearing person with their conditions as much as Deafness could.


You're right about the difference of autism and Deaf. However there are types of disabilities. There's Behavior and mental disabilities like Autism and ADHD. In mental abilities, It deals with the mental state that has to do with the nervous system and state of mind that causes them to think wrong.
Then there's pushcart disabilities such as Blindness or Deafness. They as you said can interact and communicate. However they lack something physically such as sight and hearing. If you can't see, That's physical. In your state if you have hearing lost, That's a disability.
Debate Round No. 2


I only debating whether Deafness is disability not blindness. I assure you that's definition of disability while a deaf person claims that it's not disability. That's where my argument come in. Because we, Deaf people didn't have a limit when it's come to education or employment. That's reason why we want to explain our identity being a deaf person to be placed equal as hearing people even although hearing people label us as disability. I disclosure this argument. Deafness is a definite as disability due sensory impairment however we, Deaf people feel that they aren't.

Thank you for debating.


I understand where you coming from. You say that since people who are deaf do not have problems in education or communication, Which means that you do not feel that deafness is not a disability. There was an culture that are deaf and only use sign language, And they're not considered they have an disability. It makes sense why you feel that deafness is not a disability.
However still in the IEP and the Board of Special Education, Being deaf is still put in as an disability. Due to hearing loss, Most of deaf people are provided an sign langauge professional help them understand better in a topic.
Jobs that have to do with speaking with out an hearing aid will probably be hard with a person with an hearing loss. It will be difficult to listen to the person ordering in a fast food restraint or an job full of stuff that you have to use your hearing for, If not having an hearing aid. It would be frustrating because you don't know what they're saying and maybe half the people serving won't know what sign language is.
Is being Deaf an Disability? In most prospects I believe it is. I mean you can get education and communicate in some levels, But it's still stands. If you physically lack something like sight and hearing, It is an disability. However even though I believe that it is, I believe that everyone should get the equal treatment, And everyone is special in their own way including you.
Good debating with you!
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Sonofcharl 3 years ago
By definition, Deafness is a disability.
We use words to describe and in this instance disability describes a sensory impairment.
Posted by MissGilz 3 years ago
Is it hearing world's assumption? Or it's straightforward answer? That deafness is a disability, How that so?
Posted by PointProven 3 years ago
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