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Is democracy good or dictatorship good

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Started: 4/17/2018 Category: Politics
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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I always think that democracy is very good but sometimes i also think that democracy is bad***today there is a pro debate on it !!!lets see which one wins


So, I'm going to just preface this with the fact you didn't give a real stance on what you think. You stated you think democracy

is very good but also bad. huh? To keep things simple, and since I'm pro-democracy in any situation, I'll simply take that side.

Now, to start off, Let me give you a little food for thought: your in your home right? Your sitting on your couch watching some

youtube and all of a sudden, some cops are at your door. You don't feel like letting them in, so you walk to your door and

open up, and tell the cops to politely get the hell away from your house. this is okay because you have the right to privacy so long as you say "No you can't search my house, at least without a permit." Soon as you allow them in then they are able to search, but they can't unless their already inside.

In a dictatorship, where rights are trampled on to all hell, the cops would just waltz in. they'd strip your house searching for

(*insert anything illegal*) without your consent and they are completely protected by the govt. There is no such thing as

privacy in a dictatorship, and there certainly isn't the same freedoms we are allowed in a TRUE democracy, such as free

speech, freedom of press, right to bear arms and form a well regulated militia, freedom of protest, ETC.

I'm actually confused about your reasoning for this debate as your preface was quite short and hard to really understand.

Do you currently live in a place that claims to be democratic but really is simply under a facade and really is a tyrannical govt.?
I await your concesion ;)
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Posted by Hadii 3 years ago
Democracies are good if the citizens who vote are well educated and autocracies (leaders with absolute power) can also be good if the autocrat cared for their people and are well fit for the job. Napoleon I and III, the Ceasers, Fredrick II, Catherine of Russia, and in some ways Huey Long, are some good examples of good autocrats or dictators if that's how you like to call them.
Posted by Crostesh 3 years ago
Are you against democracy or dictatorships here?
Posted by fireninja1029 3 years ago
What is your stance?
Posted by chathura_viraj 3 years ago
What is your stance? i cant understand
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