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Is feminism bad?

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Started: 2/26/2018 Category: Education
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No feminist isn't bad. It's just someone who wants equality for all genders. People just think that because misanthrope and media call it feminist because it attract more people.


I thank con for this debate subject. Let me say right off the bat that I support equality of opportunity for the two genders, and I only reject third wave feminism. When I say that modern feminism is bad, I mean it does much, much more damage than good. I believe there are many different destructive strands that all come together to make feminism destructive to our society.

I would like to start off by saying that I reject your definition of feminism: "It's just someone who wants equality for all genders."
I suggest the following definition "An advocacy movement for the increase of power for women with the unquestionable assumption that the patriarchy is real."

I suggest this definition because 1) feminist leaders do not fight for men. 2) Feminists claim that they still have some sort of systemic disadvantage to men. This creates problems both for men and women as well as promotes lies and myths about gender inequality.

One could hardly be surprised that feminism hurts men with slogans like "A woman without a man is like a fish without a bicycle." When I say men have been hurt by feminism, I do not mean men have been hurt as a result of women being equal. Sure, this does mean more competition for men, but I don't see this as hurting men. Instead, I am referring to how feminists actively do things that hurt men. For the sake of brevity, I will list only a few examples.

1) It is widely assumed that women are raped far more often than men. While women are raped more often than men, the difference is staggeringly low. Men make up to 38% of all rape victims.
Despite 38% of rape victims being male, these statistics are rarely acknowledged and even covered up by feminists. This means that while men and women are raped at comparable rates, men will not get the treatment they need. Erin Pizzy is a woman who started the first refuge for women rape victims in 1971, thus, was praised by feminists. She became shocked when she discovered the rates of rape against males that she attempted to start a rape shelter for men but was shut down by feminists. For the crime of trying to help men, Pizzy was demonized by feminists and attacked relentlessly. They even sent thousands of death threats to her. The depression and suicide of thousands of men are in the hands of feminism.
After crushing this wonderful woman, feminists managed to infiltrate the legal system with the assumption that all rapists are men. This falsehood remains in the legal systems of most countries today and is the reason why it is impossible for women to be convicted of rape.

2) Men get longer prison sentences and higher rates of conviction for the same crimes. In fact, men, on average, receive 63% longer sentences than women for the exact same crime.

3) Feminists have managed to lower the burden of proof in many areas for men accused of sexual assault. As feminist Emily Lindin writes "Sorry. If some innocent men's reputations have to take a hit in the process of undoing the patriarchy, that is a price I am absolutely willing to pay." The problem is that it is not just a matter of reputations as this woman smugly writes. Hundreds, even thousands of men have had their entire lives and career's destroyed after being accused of sexual assault without evidence. This has even led to several men committing suicide in the last couple of years.

4) Feminism promotes male guilt. As a male, I personally feel not a shred of guilt for being masculine, but I am not all men. Feminism has attacked anything seen as male by labeling it "toxic-masculinity". Such things now include lifting mansplaining, man spreading, eating meat, and working out. This combined with the idea of the patriarchal oppression of women is designed to make men feel guilty for being men. This has resulted in strong anti-feminist men and weak emasculated men. It turns strong competent men into big irresponsible children. This is not healthy for men or for the women who date them.

While feminism is designed to help women, it actually hurts them in many ways.
1) It creates a sense of victimhood and entitlement. The entire idea of the patriarchy is designed to make women feel like victims of an oppressive society. If these feminists could only realize that the patriarchy is a myth, perhaps that would motivate them to succeed. Instead, this victim mindset creates a feeling of despair, especially since the "patriarchy" can never actually be destroyed in the mind of the feminist.

2) Feminism turns women into pigs. Feminists pointed out that men often are rude, disgusting, and unagreeable. The solution of feminism was not to lift men up to a higher standard but to make women act just as bad as men. Men historically have become civilized when they meet women, but now we see a regression in the wrong direction.

3) Feminism makes women unhappy in the workplace. Women are different than men, thus they will often prefer different careers. Feminism has ignored this and used pressure to artificially push women into careers such as engineering. Such women often become unhappy with their careers. Instead, they should be free to make their own choices.

4) Feminism pushes women into sex. When a man is interested in a women, the first thing on his mind is always sex. This is simply how the male brain is wired, but it is not how the female brain is wired. Women tend to need more intimacy and relationship before sex. Instead, feminism has attempted to sexualize women and make them enjoy casual sex like men. This has been one of the most destructive forces to modern society.

1) The patriarchy exists
Not too much to say here, since there is no patriarchy. It is also worth noting that the wage gap is also a myth if you take into account multi-varied analysis.

2) Women are the same as men.
Biologically speaking, men are different than women on every level. This does not mean one sex is better; they are just different. Feminism has tried to deny many of these distinctions at the cost of both men and women. They claim that women can do the same jobs as men, but this is false, and so is the converse.

Embedded in feminism is the idea of the promotion of the group identity of women. Such group politics is a result of feminism's socialist and communist roots that have manifested as neo-marxism. This sees the world as groups instead of individuals. It sees people as men or women, not individuals. Basically, they reject the idea that we should judge people based on the content of their character as Dr. Martin Luthur King Jr said. This leads to the Marxist, nihilistic, and postmodernist idea common in modern feminism that life is ultimately a power struggle between groups rather than a struggle of ideas. Because of this, feminism does not value truth, but the supremacy of women over men. This has also led to attack against religion.

Attack on the Family:
Feminists see the family as an object of the patriarchy, thus they attack it. This is highly destructive, as the family is the single greatest predictor of national success.

This wouldn't be complete without talking about abortion. Feminism has long been for the slaughter of children in the womb and continues to support and carry out this genocide to this day. All scientific and philosophical evidence is that the fetus is a living person at conception. There are no good pro-choice arguments. The horrific fact and tragedy is that anyone would support a movement responsible for the death of millions, from fetuses to rap victims, to innocent men accused without evidence. I have no trouble in saying that nearly every aspect of modern feminism is pure evil.
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Posted by breaktherules 3 years ago
I want to start off by saying that I totally agree with you with what you said about rapes; in fact, when we think about rapes, we usually assume that men always have to be guilty, while sometimes they can also be victims. But women are still seen as weaker and that's why feminism was born.

Second point, maybe it's true that men get longer prison sentences, but feminism can't be used as an excuse. If a woman commits any type of crime, she must be sentenced as a man and can't use her being a woman as an excuse. Feminists fight for equality: this means men and women should be equal in every situations, even under the law.

Third point, feminism is not men-hating. Men don't have to feel guilty about being male, that's just who they are! You said that feminists use slogans and quotes to offend men, but those are just ways to promote ideals. We don't have to deny the differences between men and women, both psychological and
physical ones; we ARE different, but must be treated equally.

Feminism was born to protect women's rights and if you say that it's turning women into pigs you're just being sexist.

Feminism doesn't push women into sex, just because women are fighting for their rights , it doesn't mean they have to be sexually active or rude in any way.
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