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Is food supplements are unnecessary to health

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Started: 3/24/2019 Category: Health
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in my opinion, Food supplements are indeed unnecessary to health. My stand corresponds to general heath. What are your opinions?


To begin, Please clarify what you mean by general health. People with different diets, Diseases, And cultural backgrounds require different nutrients.

Diet: Strict vegetarians cannot get B12 from plant based products. You could choose not to be vegetarian, But this doesn't disprove the need for supplements if the person remained vegetarian.

Disease: Pellagra, Rickets, Beriberi, And Scurvy are all nutrient deficiencies. Some quantities so low, They cannot be made up with diet alone.

Culture: Access to food matters. Since people have a range of available options in the USA, People are less likely to be malnourished. In other places in the world, They are not as fortunate. They may have a smaller variety of food which decreases lifespan (https://health. Clevelandclinic. Org/eating-the-same-thing-every-day-4-reasons-to-increase-variety/). They may or may not have access to these supplements, But that does not disprove the need for them.

However, I will concede one point: In the United States on average, People are having problems with too many vitamins as opposed to too few. Supplements combined with food can cause vitamin overdose (hypervitaminosis) and this can be harmful to health.

That doesn't make them less necessary to those who need it. I look forward to your clarification on what you mean by general health.
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