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Is genocide necessary in certain situations?

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Started: 7/21/2017 Category: Politics
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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I think it's absolutely necessary sometimes, let's imagine an evolved Third Reich, with similar morals to them. The only difference is that they are incredibly loyal, and are near impossible to sway to another side. These people will not except diplomacy and will keep commiting horrible crimes until you put their entire country or race or whatever to death.


Genocide is never necessary. All you are doing is bringing in hate, suffering, pain,. needless death, war, violence, greed, gibberish that nobody understands, of course you have to bring in religion of some type, bloodshed, with each day more powerful weapons and the screwed up minds that build them, of course you have to have the politicians that back these genocides for whatever reasons they try to justify them, etc etc etc…
Can’t people just get along? Is that so fricken hard?

It wasn’t until about 300 - 400 years ago where some of the world did get along with the Buddhists, the Hindus, the aborigines, those who worship Gaia Mother Earth, the Inca, many native American Indian tribes etc etc etc they lived in peace, and some still do that they cared about each other and were at one with the earth, and then the white male sweaty pig greasy christian decided to show his face around the world and spread his egotistical genocide filth. So no, genocide most certainly was not necessary back then.
Genocide isn’t necessary now. No one needs to die. Its not a requirement unless you believe in religion and god. And let’s be honest here… people get horrified when there’s a small little terrorist attack. Does anyone really think anyone can pull off a true genocide now-a-days with every sense of the word? Its NOT taking place in Syria - yet.

Hitler? He considered himself to be a devout christian.
Hong Xiuquan considered himself to be the younger brother of christ.

If genocides do take place, all they would do is be a little ink blot on a population because after one has happened, a population bounces back in a hurry. Its the law of the land.
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Posted by backwardseden 2 years ago
Well YOU are incredibly stupid for believing in god. Oh and a little teeny tiny teeny weeny teeny bopper 15 year old with the voice of a mouse telling me what to do is hilarious and never works and only makes you look incredibly stupid. Oh and btw, religion has quite a bit to do with this topic which is why I accepted this debate. Duh. Grow up rather than pretending to be someone you are not. K snookums?
Posted by Shanor 2 years ago
Dude. Stop putting religion into every argument you do. You are just making yourself look incredibly stupid.
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