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Is god real or not?!?

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Started: 11/16/2016 Category: Education
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This not a topic to research. I believe in God. I know that if u dont believe in him or worship him ure not only lost in life and have no afterlife. He does not take orders from u and doesnt pay any atention or give notice to u if u dont believe in him!!!!!


"Gods" are man made constructs and do not exist but in the imagination of theists like yourself, case closed, god does not exist in reality.
Debate Round No. 1


But do u know for sure if he is or not. Have you taken time to think about it. Yes I agree with you that it's kind of man constructed but I also believe that god put the thought/visions into our minds to show who created us. There doesn't have to be an explanation to god. God doesn't have to explain himself He just shows who made us. This life is just a temporary life waiting for our eternal long living afterlife with god! this life on earth on life is just the tent in your backyard. When you die and go to heaven(if god believes you should!) You live eternal afterlife which is your house!


"God does not exist" is the default state for any atheist, agnostic or otherwise. I have searched, and found there to be no proof of existence in reality.

It's not kind of man constructed, it is a construct of man and has given a smart man or government body power over the weak minded, shown throughout history. God does not exist but in the imagination of the believers.

For you to say what you say, Such as " He just shows who made us", how do you know it's a "he", how do you know it made you, my parents made me through procreation, a biological act, no mystical being had any part in it.

" This life is just a temporary life waiting for our eternal long living afterlife with god! this life on earth on life is just the tent in your backyard" There is no life after death, once you die, you're dead, there's nothing more to it. There is zero proof to such a claim.

Your claims are silly to say the least, and unsubstantiated.
Is God real or not,
God is not real because the evidence of the bible shows it to be a man made construct. The line stating "This is the word of God" was obviously written by a man.

The burden of proof is on you, show it exists or understand reality.
Debate Round No. 2


Sorry for the late post against argument but I have so many debates that I had to do I forgot about this!

You're a smart bright young lad but I believe you have good argument of why god is not real. It would be a harder debate if I was older and knew even more about god than I do know now. But to my response, if God would not be real then why is Christianity a widespread religion and still spreading. Also to conclude to that response: God is real because the healing miracles. For example: (dont know the story exactly.) There was a man who had been pronounced dead after he ran over by a truck while he was riding his bike. The man had been to 2 different hostpilas and was also prounoced dead in the ambaluance. After about an hour later he had came back to life and the nurses were amazed! He said that he had seen a light and it was god . He said that god had gave him a chance to relive his life again. Also to conclude to that you said that when you die your died and there's no afterlife. But to question that. How would you know that . Have you been dead yet. No! Also yes the bible was man created but the person who created the bible made a stament that god entered his/her mind. After the short historical and knowledgeable the wrote the bible. Also explain jesus if god isn't real!


The bible is a book of power, those who knew how to use it, did so. The weak minded people were greater in number than those that questioned everything, Catholicism in particular was kept in power simply because of the Roman empire, who killed any one that refused to fear the catholic God, as well as destroying any kind of science done in those day as it was deemed "Satanic work" by the Christians. It is now common knowledge that those of low pay and social standing believe in a higher power while those with neutrality to religion or those higher up on the social construct are atheist. But the former outnumber the latter and shut down non believers simply by numbers.

It's a misunderstanding to say it's still spreading, It's more that it is breaking up into a number of smaller sects with their own vision of "God" with the guidelines from the bible/quran . Ie: Mormons/ Jehovah witnesses etc.

Not to divulge into my personal live as you have no way to verify it, but yes, I was legally dead for 7 minutes on an operating table, I did indeed see no bright light, no memories flashing before my eyes, It felt as if falling asleep then being forced awake. Your story is nice but a near death experience is different for every one, and hysteria and hallucination are a side affect. Though the "White light" isn't completely understood it theorised to be a chemical reaction to cells dying in the brain.

Secondly, The claim is there is life after death, that is what needs to be proven, not the negative claim, there is no proof of anyone rising from the grave.

In reference to "the man who created the bible", It was not one man, it is the works of 40 something unknown authors from different time periods most claiming the same thing. It's not proof as I can claim Ra the sun god is telling me what to type on this computer (see what I mean?).

And lastly - Jesus, It's not actually known if this Jesus truly existed for he is only a character in a book as is Harry Potter. Would you say Harry Potter is real seeing as there are 7 books written about his life, I think not.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Mr.masterDebator 2 years ago
I have to respond to Jnaejnae thx for calling me smart in very intellectual young adult way (im 13 almost 14!)
Posted by distraff 2 years ago
>> Also explain jesus if god isn't real!

There are thousands of religious leaders and supernatural characters from all over the world. The reality is that it is possible that either:
1: They are not real.
2: Accounts of them have been exaggerated.
3: They deceived their followers using manipulation and tricks to believe in their powers and miracles.
4: They had mental problems convincing them and their followers of their supernatural experiences.
Posted by distraff 2 years ago
>> Pro's NDE story

NDEs are easily explained naturalistically as the white tunnel also happens when there is oxygen deprivation or fainting. The feeling of happiness in NDEs can easily be explained by the dopamine being rushed into the brain during trauma. In fact the common elements of NDEs such as floating out the body and going into the white tunnel can be simulated by the drug Kepamine. It turns out that when the Left Parietal Lobe of the brain is triggered that people can have delusions of floating and going to the tunnel.

People experience floating out of body all the time like this even when they are not in any danger of dying and these are called out of body experiences and can happen in certain injuries, drugs, or mental problems. Only about 20% of people who clinically die even have an NDE and most experience nothing. Many of those who do have NDEs just have dreams and don"t experience the common elements. A minority of those with NDEs float out the body, see the light, see dead relatives, or communicate with a larger presence.

People all over the world among many different religions have NDEs and will sometimes experience and larger presence and will interpret it as God, or Kristna, or Allah depending on their culture so many who claim to see their God only experienced being with some sort of presence.

People with NDEs often claim to know details of the surgery but when you are going under it is still possible for the brain to hear things being said during the surgery. Also many stories have been addressed and refuted.

Many NDEs have things that are inconsistent with reality for example seeing things in the surgery that aren"t there, or learning things about the world that are false and these are never talked about by believers. Also people of all religions experience going to heaven when according to the bible only Christians can. Also there have been contradicting reports of the appearance of Jesus.
Posted by Jnaejnae 2 years ago
I mean no offense, being completely honest, but pro is obviously very young and poorly educated on the subject. This is not a bad thing, in fact I applaud such a young mind to engage in debate. That said you really need to rethink your strategy. You came off as accusative rather than inquisitive.

The little bit of argument that did surface from your side of the debate, are Jesus and miracles. Its really not hard to explain, lots of good Christians die, why didn't god save them? The only explanations are that god lets people die with no reason we can determine, or he does not exist and the reason miracles are so rare are because they are a happening of chance.

Jesus was a prophet, if you know history, there were thousands of people like Jesus who walked around the streets claiming to know god, or magic. Jesus got a following because of how nice he was, and then people wrote some books about events that are most likely fiction. Jesus did exist but the things he is described as doing have no proof that shows it happened, further more how do you explain Muhammed? Jesus isnt the only supposed prophet, so even if one abrahamic religion is right, that still leaves a 1/3 chance that Jesus interracted with god.

Christianity isnt spreading, like distraff points out, its actually receding. Atheism is actually the fastest spreading major view, and the real reason why Christianity is already so spread is because ignorant people went on missions to either persuade or forcibly make others adopt a religion.
Posted by distraff 2 years ago
>> if God would not be real then why is Christianity a widespread religion and still spreading.

Christianity actually isn't spreading and is losing ground in Europe and North America. The only reason it spread is because European nations basically conquered the world and forced Christianity on their colonies. It spread in Europe because Constantine forced Christianity on the Roman Empire and Christians like Charlemagne forced it on pagans in Northern Europe.

This argument is an Ad Populum Fallacy because most people aren't that bright. More educated people are less likely to be religious especially scientists and elite scientists, and more advanced countries are less likely to be religious.
Posted by imperialchimp 2 years ago

How about agnostic atheist?
Posted by KwLm 2 years ago
You're either a theist, or an Atheist, Agnostic is a cheap cop out of actually using one's brain, Aron Ra said it best here
Posted by EverlastingMoment 2 years ago
Consider this my last response, I realize that either way neither of us are going to throw in the towel because we both have our own reasons for believing what we believe in and we both should respect that.

And in any case, this is all part of a much larger issue that is extremely contentious today. We could argue forever on this chat but in the end nothing much will come out of it.

So to you, I bid adieu.
Posted by EverlastingMoment 2 years ago
A random website with as from what I know, unknown authors and no history of being part of any credible company does not mean that what you're pushing for is a 'fact'. The source was written by people just like you and me pushing for their beliefs, they are not facts.

Because of course, I myself could take out a random source and brand my arguments as 'facts' merely because somebody else out there is saying what I'm saying. Credible sources are those that are backed up with evidence, authors that have background history, information that has been published by multiple sources that are equally credible and have been scientifically proven as well.

Your source provides none of that information. Let me quickly analyze for the benefit of this discussion the science this source of yours has produced.

"An assertion, without evidence, is not accepted as true."
This would apply for those who believe atheism is the default position simply because that view hasn't been backed up by evidence, but this source seemingly ignores that by stating that atheists are not making "assumptions" because they have no need to provide evidence for their stance because they are denying assertions.
This does not assume a blank slate unlike agnosticism and it is biased in favor for atheism. (Most probably because the author of this site is an atheist himself. Maybe, maybe not.)

Let me break it down for you. As much as a believer's argument for his belief in god may be an assumption to the athiest as there is no substantial evidence to prove it, the atheist himself has no substantial evidence to prove that the believer's argument is false as well. Hence, agnosticism comes in and acts as the default.

But again, this is subjective. And I won't deny that what I am saying is subjective, but what you are stating is subjective as well. We both have our own beliefs, and no, yours has not been 'proven' by that source that is not credible in itself.

Let's agree to disagree, yes?
Posted by KwLm 2 years ago
And like I said, but you completely disregarded, It is not a belief. Try reading this It may help get you understand the Atheism is the default to the God claim.
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Reasons for voting decision: Pro claimed that a near death experience story proved God. Con refuted this by showing that some don't have them, they vary, and they are naturally explained. Pro claimed that the growing number of Christians prove Christianity. Con pointed out that Christianity is splitting into different religions. Neither points are convincing. Pro claims that Jesus is proof, con showed being a person in a book isn't proof. Burden of proof: The title is "Is God real or not." So Pro is claiming God is real, while con is claiming God isn't real. So Con does have a burden of proof. However when con said only pro has a burden of proof, pro never refuted this or clarified that con has a burden of proof so I will assume only Pro has a burden of proof and Con is only arguing to not believe. Pro made many claims like life after death but didn't support them. Con made unproven claims that God isn't real and there is no afterlife which does require proof but isn't necessary to simply refute pro. Con wins.