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Is god real?

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Started: 5/8/2018 Category: Religion
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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I don't believe there is a god! I see people with white sleeves all over them, wearing black suits, not eating for days, praying for every small thing and spend their time reading bibles to show how much they love God and respect God. But if there was a god that everyone believes on, the sweat nice lovely god, would God really want you to suffer like he did years ago and not eat and sick yourself? I think the science fiction about how men were created make more sense than god making a man with mud. And if the bible was really written by him, and wants people to believe in him. Why can't god just show himself and make everyone trust him and unite them as one? No more black or white. no more United State or the Soviet Union.


i completely understand your point of view but isn't it more rational to believe in a God? What good has ever come from an explosion?? How could something so chaotic, so destructive come to make anything as beautiful as the world or as complex as a human? Also, God is all seeing. He sees his children in distress, suffering, hungry, alone and distraught and it kills him inside as it would any good father, but the thing he has that we don't is the fact that he sees everything, the whole picture. Things we cannot see ahead, that is why things like this can happen, but there is a bigger plan at play.
Debate Round No. 1


I understand that believing there is a god wouldn't hurt but it really isn't worth it. Bible is one of the most influential books in history but there are no facts, only interpretations. How can someone believe something they can't see? The planet we call home, Earth, why are we the only living thing? why is the universe so big and only one very tiny small dot is the only livable planet? Why doesn't the bible mention the universe if God made the universe? And let's just say there was really a true god, why do we humans associate with superior being( king, president)? All this could be an accident like the science explained. I'm just saying how science explained the theory of life make more sense and they have evidence and no reason to lie. Unlike what the bible said on Sunday this was made, on Monday this was made...


1) 'how can someone believe in something they cant see?' you believe that we have air don't you? and we cant see air but yet its believed that we breathe it.

2')the planet call home, earth, why are we the only living thing?' we are not the only living things in this universe for sure its too big to not have other life forms inhabited on one other planet its just we haven't found it yet. if you haven't found something yet it doesn't mean it doesn't exist. and the bible mentions the universe it in a different way it also mentions different planes of existence that can explain the supernatural occurrences many people experience be it from angle, demons, or other entities.

3) people need a sort of control in order so that things stay civil , fair and right. the people in charge of making this happen (e.g presidents and kings and queens) are not meant to be worshiped, even in the bible the Israelite people were punished for worshiping a false idol. anything other than God is not meant to be worshiped and these people are not superior, in the eyes of god everyone is equal.

4) we are all entitled to believe what we want to believe. If truly deep down inside you you believe there is no god then i cant change that, you have to look inside you, and really want to be open minded to the fact that there is a God and he loves you and all his children, i cant make you see that. You know those mornings that seem to come straight out of a fairy tale sunshine seeping through the window beautiful day, butterflies fluttering birds chirping in the distance and the people you love around you it just cant be an accident. nothing this beautiful can be an accident the feelings you feel cant e an accident.
Debate Round No. 2


1. "you believe that we have air don't you? and we cant see air but yet its believed that we breathe it." you can see air - when you look up at the sky! That's the nitrogen particles scattering blue light. "Air" just don't have a color for us to see which make it possible to look through. Think of wind. even though you don't really see it, it is caused by air.

2. You might be right that there is life on earth and we haven't found it yet but what about our surroundings planets, like mars Jupiter or others. Why is there no living god believers? Why are we the only planet so far who knows about god?

You know a scientist said once "What would you do if something scientific disproved your religious beliefs?" and you get to look at all paper, data and other proves. Would you still believe in god, not even a doubt? I mean some scientist proved it already. Those scientists like Stephen Hawking or Neil deGrasse Tyson were really famous at their time and they accomplished lots of things. Even the world-famous scientist Albert Einstein said he doesn't have a personal god who can have his hopes on.

Those scientists said god isn't real.
" One of the basic rules of the universe is that nothing is perfect." Stephen Hawking said that and it is true. E=mc2. Albert proved it and lots of people believed it. Both believers and Atheist. But when scientist prove how god is a fairy tale, not half the population doubted god. See even the greatest and genius people proved it but you're just denying it. What happens to those who put 100% of their fate on god. They still live under a rock. Those who begged god almost all their life and still are homeless. Why would god do that?

I mean we have no evidence, we don't know what god looks like, male or female, human or not, nothing !! we don't know anything about god. What if someone from the ancient years just thought of something stupid or had a dream and wrote a book(bible) about this character god and people read and believed it. Come on now!! its proven that writing language was invented in 3150 BCE and god theory was long before that.

Why can't we live forever? Because we were punished for someone's sin. Because two people ate one thing they were not supposed to eat? Do we have to bury their sin? Are we punished for something we had nothing to do with? How is that even a fair justice? It's like saying because one black person stole something, all black race are thief. ( I'm black so no offense) Why would the nicest/loving god do that? I mean I understand we all lie or do something bad and mess up a little and that's not our fault! it's just how we were thought from our parents or from not having a parent.
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Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by zzzzzzzz666 3 years ago
"What good has ever come from an explosion?? How could something so chaotic, so destructive come to make anything as beautiful as the world or as complex as a human? "

What??? If you know that little of the big bang theory why would you even comment on it? The big bang was not even an explosion
Posted by John_C_1812 3 years ago
So to clear a perspective. Are you saying GOD does not exist, GOD cannot exist, or GOD can only be a religion and therefore may not need any democratic approval to set its existence?
Posted by DuncanEVP 3 years ago
I agree
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