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Is god real?

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Started: 10/28/2015 Category: Religion
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Is god real?


First of all, how does the bible writer know that god exist?
Does he live in the same time...
Secondly, evolution is real because you can tell how close we are to great apes.
And if creationism is real, how was god created by?
Well... if god created the world... who created god.
Nobody did... he isn't real.



I accept this debate, and wish my opponent good luck

To refute your first point, I will point out the "God" is an entity in hundreds of religions throughout history. Refuting one, such as Christianity, does not prove your point. You must point out logical inconsistencies in the existence of an omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent God (I use these terms as they are the most common ideas applied to God).

Please check the comments for my refute of the other points (not enough space)
Debate Round No. 1


1234abcdjeetdunnee forfeited this round.


Well, this debate seems to be finished quite quickly.
Debate Round No. 2
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Posted by Benjiboy960 2 years ago
Scratch out my comment that said "You are so right, Khalkists! Tell what you said to MizzEnigma."
Posted by Benjiboy960 2 years ago
Posted by Benjiboy960 2 years ago
If I could vote, I would vote like this:
Agreed with before the debate: Pro
Agreed with after the debate: Pro
Who had better conduct: Pro
Had better spelling and grammar: Tied
Made more convincing arguments: Pro
Used the most reliable sources: Tied
Pretend like Pro now has a lot more points.
Posted by Benjiboy960 2 years ago
You are so right, Khalkists! Tell what you said to MizzEnigma.
Posted by Khalkists 2 years ago
I think... strictly temporal (time-based) beings like humans inherently can't understand the concept of a timeless being.

Religion claims that god is timeless; and in one case, holds the cause of time itself. Humans base our understanding on the progress of a series of events; a strictly time-based understanding. For us, there is a clear and defined progression for all things.

For a timeless being, all events would be happening simultaneously and still independently. There wouldn't be a need for god to be created, as time and points of origin are irrelevant. A being (like god) understanding the concept of 'time' is really the more astounding part.

Evolution is a process. If god did create the world and universe (and intentionally made us as we are), its not unlikely that evolution is the process utilized.

If you know every single variable that went into the initial big-bang; you could extrapolate every single event that can, would, and will happen. Predicting the disbursement of matter, its collation into planets and stars; down to where a small collection of dust will eventually form a grain of sand.

Life is the only thing that deviates from this initial plan. Not necessarily as a whole (life still follows basic programming like instincts) but in its individual ability to deviate from the expected. Realistically speaking, being alive is having free will. Forces will always react in a predictable manner if all information is known. Life doesn't.
Posted by Sciguy 2 years ago
This man obviously does not know that the bible is written by nearly 30 people and that it is okay to believe in both. i think that JEHOVAH created everything and let evolution and natural selection to occur after a while thus letting nature take it's course.
Posted by Benjiboy960 2 years ago
Only 2 rounds, huh?
Posted by Benjiboy960 2 years ago
I like this debate.
Posted by Benjiboy960 2 years ago
You can't say that God isn't real just because nobody knows who created God.
Posted by HomelySherlock 2 years ago
To refute your second point, evolution is NOT the idea that Man evolved from primates, but rather the concept of genetic variations in a species over time resulting in genes which aid survival, even marginally, becoming dominant and overtaking previous "versions" of the gene. This concept of evolution does not necessarily disprove God, as it is a method which does not replace the driving force, which God is thought to be. Many religious people, such as myself (I am Muslim, and cannot speak for other religions) accept evolution as God's likely method of developing the genetic variety there is today. After all, evolution results is (given time) the closest possible adaptation to "perfect" for a species in an environment. Additionally, Humans evolving from primates is not PROVEN. While supporting evidence exists, such as fossil records, this does not mean this evolution HAD to occur. In fact, this theory has some logical inconsistencies. For example, for evolution to occur, a primate would have to lose most of its body hair and adapt and upright posture. For this to happen, a loss of body hair (and thus impaired ability to retain body heat) and an upright posture would have to be BETTER suited for survival. Logically, however, this would not be the case.

To refute your third point, according to most religions, God simply is. It may not make logical sense for something to exist without a creator, but this is merely a fact most accept. Indeed, most theories for the creation of the universe stem from a sudden development coming from an empty void. A "something" coming from nothing. The Big Bang theory is an example of such an idea.
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