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Is golf a sport?

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Started: 5/27/2014 Category: Sports
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Golf is not a sport, it is a game. A sport must require real physical activity, not walking or driving in small golf carts.


Golf is a sport. Here is the definition of sport in the dictionary

Sport: an athletic activity requiring skill or physical prowess and often of a competitive nature, as racing, baseball, tennis, golf, bowling, wrestling, boxing, hunting, fishing, etc.

Golf has physical activity. You have to swing your club to hit the ball. It also requires skill. You have to have good aim to get the ball in the hole.
Debate Round No. 1


By your logic, Duck Duck Goose would be a sport because it requires running. Swinging a club is not something that requires a large amount of physical activity, like running. Yes, golf requires skill, but lots of games require skill. Just because it requires skill does not mean it is a sport. I'm not saying golf is bad, I'm saying that it is a game and that your definition is obsolete.


Golf is a sport because its both highly competitive and you have to practice virtually everyday to be considered worthy of playing the game. Even then most people are only mediocre at the sport of golf. good day sir. And by the way you never gave your definition of a sport...
Debate Round No. 2


Yes, golf is highly competitive and I agree that you do have to practice. I have played the game before. But, it still is not a sport because a sport requires more strength and ability than what is required of golf. Some major sports require less skill than golf, but skill is not a decider in whether or not a game is a sport. Chess requires more skill than hockey, but does that make chess a sport; no. Those who are great at golf are not great athletes, they are great thinkers and are masterful at carrying out the correct movements with witch to hit the golf ball of a tee and to also get the ball to go a sufficient distance while all the while staying on the correct trajectory. Great minds are good at golf, Great muscles are good at football, basketball, baseball, hockey, and soccer.

As for a definition-
Sport- An activity that requires a large amount of physical ability as well as mental ability.


Many golfers don't know how and why Tiger Woods and many other pros hit the ball 320 yards so effortlessly. They may not be as strong as NFL athletes but they utilize and strengthen the specific muscles that are essential to a powerful golf swing. The average golfer would not know what muscles are used and how they aid the golf swing. These are the muscles and what they do.

Core Muscles

The core muscles are essential to any athletic movement, including the golf swing. The core is the base of the golf swing because it stabilizes the entire body throughout the swing.It is important to have a strong and flexible core to complete a full turn back and into the ball. Strengthening the core can be done with simple back and abdominal exercises.

Upper Back

The upper back muscles are important because they control the back swing and follow through of the club. Having a tight upper back can lead to a a shorter, less uniform back swing and the inability to follow through the ball. Proper stretching will help to avoid this problem and give the golfer faster swing speed due to the longer back swing that he is able to achieve.


The shoulders are an important muscle in the golf swing because they create the speed of the club through the ball while keeping it under control. It is important to have strong rotator cuffs and muscles surrounding the entire shoulder, because keeping the club under control throughout the swing is vital to solid play. The shoulders are what turn the club back and through the ball.


The legs are vital to a good golf swing because they keep the solid posture of the golfer intact throughout the swing. The hamstrings help create the base of the golfer and hold him into place. The quadriceps help the golfer power through the ball and through the turn of the hips. Strengthening these muscles will help to give the golfer a stronger, more controlled golf swing. At the same time it is important to keep the legs flexible so that proper posture may be maintained throughout the swing.

Forearm/Tricep Strength

Forearms (wrist) and tricep strength are essential to the power of a golfer's swing at impact. Without strong forearms and triceps a golfer cannot keep his wrist flat through impact and release the club properly through the impact zone. Having strong forearms and triceps will also give the golfer the ability to power through rough and bad lies, because it will power through the ball with much more force. Developing a strength and stretching routine for both of these muscle groups will increase strength and power through the golf swing. All these muscle groups discussed are extremely important and are vital to a powerful and functional swing.

So there. :P
Debate Round No. 3


AirplanesAndBaseball forfeited this round.


Bhawksfan234 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by cwt002 7 years ago
The argument that says golf is not a sport........I am guessing they never really played. It requires significant mental concentration and focus along with athletic ability. (If golf is not a sport neither is nascar or moto-racing). Curious to see the arguments though.
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Reasons for voting decision: Golf is actually called a social sport, for people to socialize while casually playing. This was the main cause for its explosion in popularity, especially among people in England and Scotland. Because I cannot decide who to vote on, I'll leave this one for you all to vote on.

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