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Is homeschooling a good idea?

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Started: 1/14/2014 Category: Education
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I am a homeschooler, and i know some of the steryotypes about us, that we're not social, that we dont get the full expericances of life, like what? Getting bullied? I have a ton of friends! I interact with people all of the time! And some people think we're not smart, but were actually smarter then most public schooled kids of this era where being social in public schools gets in the way of their learning.


While I can wholeheartedly agree that there are benefits to be had by home schooling over some schools, I believe that within a comprehensive view, we find that the detriments outweigh the benefits. Understanding that there will always be exceptions, I will focus on averages, generalities that comply with statistical evidence, core psychological evidence and educational studies to show that;

1. Too few parents and children have the self discipline to achieve the benefits.
2. Social skill sets tend to be limited.

While I may not agree on the whole with home schooling as a mass choice, I do see many benefits in certain applications that outweigh the alternatives. Please do not misconstrue my acceptance in certain instances as my complicit acceptance on the whole.

Too few parents and children have the self discipline to achieve the benefits of home schooling. The key benefit in my opinion is the self paced process that allows students to proceed at a pace that is more consistent with their individual skills. While I do believe this application of learning should be incorporated into our public schools where the student can be monitored, motivated and be provided additional sources of tutelage, these three items are frequently lacking in the home schooling environment., I am obviously not naming specific individuals, especially my ex wife but all too many cases of attempted home schooling end up with the student having to be re-admitted into school at a level behind where they should have been or simply faking a completion and be left our of society. While there are many examples, a key concern is that there is no way to adequately monitor and verify academic accreditation and statistical data that by it's very nature is removed from public scrutiny.

While the "pro" argument infers a positive attitude toward the avoidance of bullying, avoidance is not generally considered a beneficial coping skill. It may ultimately be the only tool left for an individual but the lack of learning to apply the correct social tools for each situation will leave the student handicapped for life after his or her parents. It would truly be a wonderful life if there were no bullies or predators. If bosses never abused their staff. If con artist never found prey. But, they do. While public school is not necessarily the best at teaching these skills, it does serve as a fertile testing ground while maintaining a certain amount of protection that will not be found outside. Proper learning requires experimentation. There will be successes and failures, each one supplying the student with additional knowledge to help in future situations.
Debate Round No. 1


Although i do agree with you on some subjects, public schools send the wrong message to kids such as letting bullies bully and letting kids bully others without doing anything about it. My brother used to be public schooled and said it was terrible!


I definitely understand your concerns and respect your parents choice. My wife and I recently had to home school a child for about a month until certain corrections and protections were made in the school district. My older children from a previous marriage were home schooled for Pre K to 2nd. While they were advanced in some areas, they were also lacking in others. Although I may joke about their mother in my original post, she did a fairly decent job, still they did lack certain social and coping skills when the started public school.

Teachers and administrators are supposed to protect the students and probably do in most cases. There are problem teachers and even whole schools. The issue I had and would have is that if we didn't legally pursue corrective action and verify that it is enforced but instead we hid from the problem, what would we have taught our children? That it is ok to run and hide? While there may be times when that is an appropriate response, I believe in most cases we need to stand up for our rights in a mature manner and that was the lesson we wanted our kids to learn.

Personally, I think public schools would do well to incorporate some of the learning and teaching techniques that are available for online home schooling where there is a degree of self motivation and advancement based on skill and knowledge. Then we would have (in most cases) the best of both worlds.
Debate Round No. 2


Another steryotypes about homeschoolers is that our parents teach us, though this may be true for some, my mom does a lot of work, so we do our work on the internet, the curriculum is called SOS ( Switched on Schoolhouse) i love it! It is already teaching me 8th grade work and im only in the 6th grade.


I've got to say first that maybe home schooling wasn't the best idea for you. If you are 23 years old, in the 6th grade but doing 8th grade work,,, If home schooling had worked, you should be working on your Masters at this point.

However, if your real age is more aligned with the 6th grade then your communications skills are indeed advanced.

While I applaud your 8th grade work, have you taken a LEAP test? I would like to know how you fare in all aspects and in relationship with other kids your age. It would also be interesting to know how long you have been home schooled and where you attended prior to being home schooled as those play significant roles in where you are today. Another very important factor would be your intelligent quotient along with strengths and weaknesses. With that information, we could get a better understanding of how well you are doing by weighting the scores with where you should be.

In many ways you appear to be doing well, but remember that just like you don't like being stereotyped, people with other ideals may not appreciate being called "evil".
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by ChloeMcIverFloyd 6 years ago
Clearly pro is not all that much smarter than children in public school, because in one of his other debates he shows that he doesn't even know he correct meaning of the word ignorant. It means lacking knowledge or awareness in general; uneducated or unsophisticated, not having the ability to listen, but not wanting to because you keep insisting that you are correct. If you want to look at that debate it is Atheist VS. theism, (yes the title is spelled just like that.)
Posted by RebelRebelDixieDixie01 6 years ago
Because my computer is stupid and has a virus im trying to change it to 12
Posted by OtakuJordan 6 years ago
Why do I get the feeling Pro is not actually 23?
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Reasons for voting decision: Pro's brother's experience does not actually count as evidence. Pro says that Pro's experience with friends was good, but as Con pointed out this does not necessarily apply to all homeschoolers. Con gives sources that suggest that homeschooled persons in general have problems, and that avoiding bullying is not a good coping mechanism for bullying (although, in my opinion I'm not sure that's true. But that doesn't matter of course). Round 3 Pro seemed not to respond to Con's arguments. Pro--make sure not just to add new points; review your old points and add arguments against your opponent. In many cases, Pro admits that he agrees about many of Con's points, but doesn't say which. I'll have to say that the dropped arguments go to Con. Con: great job thoroughly (and very respectfully) addressing Pro's points. Thanks y'all!

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