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Is homeschooling a good idea?

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Started: 12/3/2017 Category: Education
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To my mind, homeschooling is the best thing parents can offer their children.
Parents are very dedicated to helping a child learn successfully, there's a lot of parental involvement. Homeschool is focused on children as individuals, the way children are taught can be based on how the child best learns because of the child's personality. Also when only one person(or mom and dad both) del with the child's eduction, they can create a long-term plan. Parents can instruct the children according to their own views and beliefs.


Hey! It's so funny because I'm debating somebody else about homeschooling.

I would like to say that homeschooling may have some benefits. However, it's not worth to put your child in homeschooling due to so many reasons.

The first reason is this: Also, it's the cost that the parents have to pay. It is true that public schools are free. However, homeschooling could be costly. As the website ( says, "In comparison to public schools, where education is free, homeschooling can be costly. Purchasing the newest curriculum and teaching tools can be very expensive..."

Also, I would like to say to please support your evidence for your claim and argument.

Best wishes,
Debate Round No. 1


Of course, homeschooling experience differs from one family to another, and it depends on the parents, how broad and all-round their child's education is going to be. But when parents make such decision, they are ready to all the costs that education can require. That allows you to find the curriculum plan that works the best for your child. Homeschoolers really enjoy learning, and it's the best gift you can ever get when being homeschooled.
A child can choose whatever he/she would like to learn about every day. Also a variety of studies of homeschooled students" academic performance have conclusively shown that homeschooled students can succeed academically. It's completely worth it for the quality of education you're getting.
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