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Is homeschooling better than schooling

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Started: 10/20/2017 Category: Education
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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So for the first round you have to debate AND confirm challenge. by texting "I accept the challenge" you agree to finish this debate without forfeiting and will not say any swear words. So I am for the con side. I will convince you homeschooling is not better than schooling. at home, children will lack off and not do anything. also, schooling will have a BUNCH of professional teachers, at home, the "teachers" can't give them homework, because they are already at home. Children can't have a good concentration. so I am highly positive that schooling is better than homeschooling, affirmative please.


Homeschooling ought to be valued over public schooling for a multitude of reasons but for this argument I will be touching on only three.


Parents understand the downfalls of their student.

Parents are able to understand, adapt and comply to their child's needs and downfalls. If there is a student who is absolutely horrific with social sciences and a whiz in english. The parent is able to utilize this in order to make the learning environment better for the student as well as be able to connect those. In the instance of this specific student a parent may be able to apply the childs knowledge in english by having them read books, but also apply that same knowledge to english by having those books pertain to that specific time period.


Children are able to obtain more one on one time with teachers

If a child is having a hard time in school. They may consult the teacher in and outside of the classroom. It is a privilege to be able to consult your teacher at all times of the day on any types of school related questions. It allows for a more comfortable learning environment and provides for an area where education is consistently at the forefront of the teacher and students minds.


Studies show that personal relationships fuel education

Studies often have proven that being able to connect on a personal level with a teacher or professor is beneficial in a students life. This is why on average smaller schools with lower student faculty ratios do better and have better outcomes than larger. If this is true which has been proven, the deeper the connection the better the education. Now with this being said, a parent son/daughter relationship is the absolute closest that an educator is able to get with a student.

with this being said I rest my affirmative argument that homeschooling is better than public schooling.

Vote aff
Debate Round No. 1


Hi ashoup, great point, but first thing first, you are not allowed to say vote who, because the voters decide.
So here is my rebuttal:
I agree reading books help learning, but children can also read at home, it needn't be home schooling that makes children read. They can even share their books with friends. Teachers can also notify parents anytime of behavior and succeeds of students. Also, with technology like now, they can ask teachers about different questions by phone, email, or school websites like Google classroom, etc. . And for your final point... yes, the better the relationship the better the education, but when they are at the level of grade 5, 6 or a bit higher, they will be emotional and the relationship might not last good for that long, the child might also use the advantage of being son or daughter to try and make their mom or dad not punish them, but that can never happen in school.
And here are my points:
1. they can socialize. At school, both public and private school have a lot of children, not just one, like home schooling. at schools outside, they learn to make friends, HOW to make friends, and he/she knows who to talk with. I mean schooling is giving the child a few more chances to make friends. If they begin making friends when they are adults, they might not know how and the manners. They might also be much more shy than others, because they've never learnt to talk in front of a lot of people, they might not even know how to participate!
2. Outdoors activity. Home schooling will be focused on the books. Children will then have boredom. Outside schools, they have PE (physical education) lessons, like my school. But home schooling, they won't have time to do ANY outdoor activity! It will not be a happy experience for children. they might lack the needs of exercise.
3. Lack of responsibility. Children in public AND private schools knows to carry the responsibilities with extra duties like prefects, monitors and teacher helpers, but home schooling doesn't. Home schooling might also lack the other experiences like experiments that they cannot experience at home. They might also not learn to share because at home, their moms (or dads)will give everything to him/her. If they grow up like that, they might make up that habit of hogging everything, being the spotlights and be to self-centered. The best way to learn is always learning outside the book, and that is what home schooling misses.
Affirmative please


The point is to convicnce judges who to vote for. That was a completely rediculous comment. At the end you stated "affirmative please." Obviously a vote call. Don"t call me out on that again.

1: books

You did not refute the basis of my original argument. I talked about being able to cross barriers when a student is not understanding a certain subject. You just said they can read books at school too? First of all they actually can"t because class time is spent conveying information, and second they wouldn"t implement my line of thinking because the teachers don"t know the students well. This argument denied my original line of thinking creating an irrelevant point, that point being one in which is actually false in itself.

2: teacher notification

This doesn"t refute the point that direct notification is not as good as seeing the issues yourself. Once again you don"t refute my actual point.

3: emotional relationship

A student will have these emotional issues in and outside of the classroom for public and homeschools. The students will have the same reaction. Completely reduculous assumption.

Your points

1: Socialize

There are programs set up to help homeschooled kids interact with others. This argument is not based in reality so it should be disregarded.

2: outdoors

Once again you didn"t do ANY research. There are programs to make sure that homeschooled kids entertain a PE carriculum.

3: responsibility

The monitors and teachers ARE the parents and can influence responsibility far more than actually monitors and teachers because they can pick punishments suitable for their student.

Vote Neg as my opponent directly left the main school of though behind my argument alone and I validly not only proved how his arguments were not true but why they would be better in a home school environment.
Debate Round No. 2


First thing first, Ashoup, I HAD ENOUGH. I was trying to play nice with you, I was trying to ignore your mean things. YOU are DON'T HAVE THE POWER to say if it is a ridiculous comment or not, the voters are!!!! Secondly, I called YOU out because I was TRYING to TELL YOU IT IS YOUR TURN!!! THAT IS WHAT THE JUDGE DOES IN A FORMAL DEBATE!!!!!!!!! Isn't it just the same as a teacher calling you out to present essay? Thirdly, Mind your spelling. Finally, this is the end of the debate. I AM NOT ARGUING WITH YOU! voters don't need to vote, you don't need to reply anything, because I AM TOTALLY OUT OF BEING YOUR COMPETITOR


Vote aff.

He willingly forfeited the round which means he"s agreeing that I am the only competitor left. There is one person to grant a win to. It"s me.

He didn"t respond to any of my arguments or counters meaning my contention debate is far superior.

Vote aff for these reasons.
Debate Round No. 3


I AM A SHE, and secondly, i am closing this place from votings
This round has not been posted yet.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by ccfungclare 2 years ago
Sorry guys, but really i disagree with his offensive efforts... I am very VERY sorry voters. I swallow my words, you can't vote, but I don't care
Posted by Stonehe4rt 2 years ago
Well since "votes won't be allowed" I would just like to say Pro has done a much better job and if votes are allowed, I would without a doubt vote Pro.
Posted by ccfungclare 2 years ago
No matter if I know how, I'd tell you there will be NO voting seasons
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