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Is islam Sexist?

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Started: 3/4/2017 Category: Religion
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Is islam a religion of equality and individuality ? I will not answer that question , let islam answer that itself. But let me start by start that thank godness I am an ex-muslim ex-hijabi and I am a proud non-muslim.
You may wonder why I left my upraised religion and headscarf? I will simply clarify that I realizes growing up that I can not be a Feminist, a peaceful person, rightful, a lover of earth vegetarian or let me put into brackets (Humanist) as a muslim. And that is the person who I am and those are my beliefs that islam would not let me be nor practise.

In islam , sexim starts when a girl is born , quoted from the prophet that when a boy is born two sheep are sacrificed for Allah (God), but when a girl is born only one. Not only that I find it very backward to sacrifice animals for God. I mean what is a better way to celebrate and party than kill? But what is the wisdom of point of having to sacrifice 2 sheep for a male born but 1 for a female's? Does The prophet see it as more of a pride or more celebrating for having a male born than a female? Let me answer that with the quraan that saysmale is not like a female - Aal omran verse:36
But that is only a small case of the sexism of Islam. Again, I am not going to talk, I will let the verses of Quraan and Ahadeths (quotes of the prophet talk).
Let me Bring the verses of Quraan into debate Quraan says when bringing testimony it has to be two men if there were not two men , a man and two women.
Do the maths.
my testimony in the court is half the testimony's of a man's. At the time's of being a muslim I tried so hard to find an excuse an urge a wisedom of why God thinks I am half qualified as a man in the court's. And I found the reason to be is that women are overwhelmed with feelings .
So basically if I studied law for years of my life and I became a successful lawyer I would still be less qualified as a man because of my emotions. Let me say that Women can be leaders, Doctors, Teachers, Lawyers, Engineers and no their feelings wouldn'5 stop them from giving judgments. If for example you were about to do a life or death surgery wouldn't you take by your female's doctor recommend in it? Or should you take by two females' and a man? I am an architecture student and 90% of my grades are based on my professors judgments on my projects. I do not believe one single female professor of mine would accept that after taking bachelor, masters and pHD degree and after years of experience would accept taking by half the opinion just because she might get emotional!!seriously feel sorry for those muslims who take by those weak excuses.

But that is really a small issue of sexist islam . Let more put into expand the unfairness the violent the EXTREME sexist the rapist yes rapist islam.
In the life of Mohammad he started 65 wars and they were all succesfful for 63 years of his life that he lived . In Islam there is what is called ; Molk Yameen which means right hand property which has another name which is Sabayaa. In Islam, after winning a war men shall take the women of the deafefed army (Kofaar) and take them as Jariyaat. Slaves. Men shall have sex with his Jaariyah as much as he want but under one condition . He has to take off her womb so she would not give birth and children with no marriage could be born. Not only do those Sabayaas suffer from being away from their families and homes and being raped by a muslim man when he may have a wife or 4, she is taken off the blessing of having a child just so a muslim man can freely rape her!A muslim man can marry his slave (Jaariyah) and he only gives her her freedom from slavery and rape as Maher (means what a man pays a woman go marry her) oh how peaceful and rightful. Now he can rape her as much as he wants under marriage. Like 4 wives was not enough
Suraat Nesaa verse:23:24
it says that it Haram (prohibited) for a man to have sex with any muslim believer woman with no marriage but the Sabayas.
I asked why would Allah let Horny muslim men rape and enslave women? Here is the answer from the Quraan .
that it is because some muslim men can not afford or are too young to get married or simply just can not get married so they can have those slaves to have sex with so he can satisfy his . Penis. To help help be patient.
And a married man can also have this privilege, because yeah he might get bored of his 4 wives and those women are not muslims so he can rape them and it is a reward for all of the fighting , killing, destruction those muslims did.

Not only that, In islam, a man is rewarded 72 Hoor Ein in Janaah (heaven) to have sex with, they are virgins who remain virgins even after all the times of having sex with them. Those Hoor Ein are white black pupiled one is beautiful than the women of the world collected . Fine up lifted breasts . How did I know about their breasts? From the Quraan ofcourse.

(Wa kawaeb atraba) suraat nabaa
(kawaeb) means nipples. Why would Allah describe women's nipples in a holy book!? To give muslim men more impulse to not have Haraam sex outside his 4 wives and countless slaves!? That is just disgusting. And 72 hoor ein!? Really? That is just disgusting again I have to say it.
What about women ? How many hoor ein do they get in Janaah? 72? Or maybe 36 half the reward of a man? No you got it wrong. None.
A muslim man can have 4 christian jew muslim and countless slaves to but a woman can only have one muslim man who will sleep around with 72 hour ein if not more. I do not know about you. But to me? Janaah seems to me like a wh*re house.
And let's put light on the idol, Mohammad, who married 10 woman a 9 year old kid Aisha. And had slaves.
Why is adoption Prohibited in Islam? It goes back to the story where Mohammad had an adopted kid named zaid bin haretha who was called zaid bin mohammad (zaid son of mohammad) who married a woman named zainab bent jahsh. Mohammad wanted zainab for his ownself but couldn't because zaid was his adopted son. He can't marry his own son's wife. So what does he do? He tells allah and then allah comes down with the verse that prohibits adoption and zaid is no longer his son and he divorces zainab for the prophets wish and mohammad marries her.
Not only that is confusing, disgusting and greedy. But let's look at how zainab is treated like an Item going back and forth between an adopted son and father. How confusing and disgusting is that mohammad gave zaid his blessing to marry zainab then he made his adopted son divorce his wife to marry her!?
More and more I can put on how sexist islan is, but if that doesn't make you see it then I can't express how blinded from the truth you are.
I do respect muslims as individulas but I do not respect islam or it is practises as they are inhuman and sexist and it is not obligatory from me to.
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Posted by DanaForYeshua 3 years ago
I can't accept for the affirmative has been taken.
Posted by kikiki 3 years ago
There's no debate here. It's sexist. Almost as sexist as me.
Posted by chrisl3 3 years ago
The problem with this debate is the definition of sexist. I have personally run into women who say its sexist when I open the door for them at the grocery store. It part of the "patriarchy." The fundamental question needs to be reframed. You would be able to provide actual statistical data if the question was does Islam suppress women more than western society. I agree overall with your stance though
Posted by chokerboy12345 3 years ago
Pro should understand that women are inferior beings. Islam tries to ensure that women can be respectable.
Posted by TheDragon5 3 years ago
Your debate title is, "Islam is Sexist."

Your chosen position is Con.

However, your argument states that Islam IS sexist.

Might want to change that ;)
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