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Is it helpful to use debate as a way for language teaching in a class?

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Started: 11/6/2017 Category: Education
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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I'm an English teacher in Korea. I am going to start a debate class to improve students' speaking ability.
Is it really helpful to use debate as a method for learning?
If it is, how can a language teacher facilitate learners' interaction?
If you think it isn't, I want you to post why it is not helpful.


Hey Hansu, thanks for the opportunity to debate.
I would like to play devils advocate and challenge this idea of using debate to assist teaching.
Christopher Hitchens and Sam Harris are well known atheists and agnostics in the skeptic realm and while they are intelligent and engaging, they are not always right.
Although they nearly never lose even sometimes when they may be wrong, just because of their posture with language.

Because of this, i began to see true fault in debate. They obviously believed what they were saying and had no intent to lie to their opponent, but they are also not all knowing and had no way of immediately discerning it.
Sure an opponent could call you up on it, but that's assuming your opponent, or in this case audience is an equal. Chances are they are not.

Instead i would say the best way around this would be a true discussion. Now this is where the devils advocate is coming in. I am getting the idea that you clearly meant discussion over this 1v1 setting debate of black and white, right or wrong.
By me taking a totally different stance to you i can misdirect and show a lot of bias just because of the psychology of debate.

When we do debate we can fall into the realm of trying to prove something or show someone wrong, instead of honestly hearing someone out and honestly engaging and replying. Now in a school setting where you do care about your students, this will be much different and you will employ methods that you learnt through college.
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Posted by NDECD1441 2 years ago
In terms of public speaking, debate would help A LOT. However I believe to debate, you need to know English. While debate does provide a little more exposure to English, I believe English is the main benefactor of debate and not vice versa. I doubt that I can debate this due to lack of WiFi though. Good luck!
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