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Is it important to spend huge money for buying baby stuff?

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Started: 5/6/2014 Category: People
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Many mother and father are excited about having a baby and they end up spending a lot more money.Important thing is to spend sensibly and be stick to your budget.


I will be accepting this debate.
Though it is important to spend sensibly and stick to your budget, sometimes it doesn"t always work out like that.
You can save on clothes and diapers and what not but it all depends and differentiates between different people. You may say you can use cloth diapers or breastfeed but not everyone is comfortable with this method. Especially in today"s society, babies are expected to have all the new clothes and gadgets.
There is also the second problem of childcare. If you both work full time you will need a day-care or a Nanny, which will cost a lot of money. A nursery could cost "177 a week; a child minder could be "3.84 and hour. A Nanny could be "283-380. Even if you stick to the cheap stuff for your child there will be expenses in other places and sometimes it"s hard to keep to the said budget you have currently set for yourself.
So in other words you can spend sensibly, use hand me downs, buy the cheapest clothes, diapers but the secondary needs for a baby will bring your budget up.
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Reasons for voting decision: This was a rather short debate and has several problems. There is no definition of what huge means. Pro never really addressed the topic. He said it is important to stick to your, budget. However that does not say whether the budget involves spending huge. Con at least provided reasons how you could save money.

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