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Is it normal to worship potatoes?

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Started: 5/17/2017 Category: Funny
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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The world is a cruel place. A place so cruel that you fell for my click bait title. Or did you? but now that you're here, let's talk about the tomato farms in northern china. These farms are special. They belong to a farmer called old man bob. I am arguing for fat mans sake. Bob watipee is the new superman. He managed to save 14,000 tomato fields from extinction. Because of bob, the population of tomatoes have grown by 53%. But there is a problem. PEOPLE ARE NOT BUYING HIS TOMATOES!!! They are only $15 each like I can only buy 30 lollipops with that money! It's so cheap!! Poor old man bob is starving out there!? He is refusing to eat his tomatoes because he needs money. He need some profit. 99% of you might have found this article a little strange and abandoned it but for those of you who stayed I'm a proud kim k.

The reason why you all decided to press on this debate is because you wanted to know if it was normal to worship potatoes. In my opinion, I would love to follow the great gods of potoassitis but I'm afraid I would have to put down my own religion. If you are wondering who I worship ,what my religion is called & when it was made well I'm going to tell you right now. By the time you have gotten to this part of my writing you have probably thought I was a joke, but I do, in fact worship the great jellius babius in English you would call him " the great jelly baby". This religion is called jellius babius worshipus and in English it would be called "jelly baby worship" I do know that all of you are wondering who and when was this religion founded, well let me tell you in my perspective

Once apon a time there was a young hobo. She decided to become a hobo. She thought that if she was an explorer she could create a very rare jelly baby ( stating that she loved jelly and babies) the jelly baby was a very common thing to find in this part of America. She loved an adventure. She ran and ran and ran until she tripped over something so squishy. IT WAS THE JELLY BABY! She picked it up an ran to her house to make a shrine. The shrine was beautiful. It had fire burning everywhere, sharks and cacti. She placed the baby in the fire and it began to laugh. So hard that milk that it probably drank from years ago came out her belly button. She started to float and dance in a inappropriate manner. This, the girl thought was magnificent. So graceful. "I'll call you jellius babius" she told jellius babius.
For those readers who are thinking " WHEN THOUGH? WHEN WAS ALL THIS HAPPENING!" It happened on may the fourth. That's right. But what year? The year all of this happened was 1499. And yes, the jellius babuis worshipus is that old. Older than Christianity. Amazing right?

so please vote YES if you fully support my religion and Tomatoes and potatoes. Vote NO if you think this is brilliant, amazing , fantastic, and heart touching. To be honest, I got a little emotional when I got to the potato part. It reminds me of my childhood. 1 vote equals respect!!!!!


As I am con, I only focus on the resolution that "Is it normal to worship potatoes?" not just believing in it and making narratives up.

No, it is not normal because of these many reasons
(1) It is a sign of a mental illness, or delusion
(2) Just because the pro makes convincing narratives, still doesn't mean he backs up his case.
(3) The "Jelly Baby" is not real, it is also an irrelevant, pointless argument to make
(4) your conclusion is also irrelevant and pointless
Debate Round No. 1


This argument is 100% gluten free!!!! If you are a vegan out there I recommend u to read this. 1 out of 9 vegans will listen!!
The time has come! Vegans are now in control! The forests are falling the cows are dying and now bob is ready to roll. I support this argument for fat mans sake! If the potato farms are being made into vegetarian meat then how can you be vegetarian? Our potatoes are NOT TO DIE!!!!! OUR HAPPINESS DEPENDS ON THEM!!
I remember last year at around December 23, 11:56 am, i was strolling through the streets trying to find the perfect Christmas present for the jellius babius. I was stuck. I didn't know whether to get a rotten egg or a pen. Then, there was a far light in the distance. Me being an owl, walked up to the light. there it was! It was beautiful. The perfect potato right in front of my eyes. THE PERFECT PRESENT FOR JELLIUS BABIUS! So vote for our vegen buddies and our lacrosse and toler ant buddies to EAT OUR TOMATOS FROM OLD MAN BOB!
As I said in my recent argument, old man bob is STARVING out there! Wonder why? Read my first argument lol!!
Peace out from the jellius babius leader
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Debate Round No. 2
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Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by laryn 2 years ago
I appreciate this debate
Posted by Crazy456Rhino 3 years ago
Posted by BryanMullinsNOCHRISTMAS2 3 years ago
@rickyd0714 right you are!
Posted by rickyd0714 3 years ago
As an Irishman, I can say this. Be careful of the famine, lad. The potatoes were gone once, never let it happen again.
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