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Is it okay for me top wear a bra? (PS. I'm a dude)

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Started: 4/29/2014 Category: Fashion
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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I'm a weirdo so no!


I am assuming that Pro, myself, am for the statement "It is ok for Con, a male, to wear a bra".

- Definitions:

The online urban dictionary's definition of "weirdo" is: A person who is considered strange to other people. This person may do strange things, so this person can be considered a "weirdo".

The online Merriam-Webster's dictionary defines "strange" as: Different from what is usual, normal, or expected.

- Rebuttal:

A man wearing a bra is "strange". It meets all requirements from the definition; it is different from what is usual, it is not considered "normal", and it is definitely unexpected. A "weirdo" does strange things. Thus it isn't unexpected for a male "weirdo" to wear a bra, which is an act that is considered "strange".

By this we see that Con defense of; "I'm a weirdo so no!" does not stand. As a male "weirdo" wearing a bra would actually be something that could be expected of him.

- Argument:

Why would it not be ok for a boy, Con, to wear a bra? It does not break any laws in "free" countries like the US and Canada. Thus it legally poses no threat to the Con to wear a bra. It may not be considered "normal" or "average" by the public but this does not mean it can not be done or should not be done. It is perfectly ok for Con to have cross-dressing hobbies.

- My common sense. :P
Debate Round No. 1


Dude101 forfeited this round.


Well it appears as though Con's account has been deactivated. I guess this means I win by default. Oh, well.

At least I learned something from this debate. One, don't trust the new "circle" accounts. Two, the definition of "weirdo". I had always assumed it was a synonym to "strange". Which it kinda is. Good to know.
Debate Round No. 2


Dude101 forfeited this round.


Well. I guess this is it. I wish Con could have argued back. Vote Pro.
Debate Round No. 3
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Reasons for voting decision: Well, what else do I do here but hand Owlz a win?

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