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Is it okay to wear a hat inside?

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Started: 3/12/2014 Category: Miscellaneous
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I believe it is wrong to wear hats inside.


I believe that the tradition of "not wearing a hat inside" is simply a matter of opinion. Disallowing people to wear something because of your definition of respect is not fair, in my opinion.

Good luck, and may the better debater win.
Debate Round No. 1


Not only is not wearing a hat inside an act of respect, it's the most logical thing to do. The only somewhat valid reason to wear a hat or cap inside is to express yourself, whether that be with images or words on the hat. Maybe the hat is about your favorite company or sports team. However, you can just as easily express yourself with a t-shirt or jacket. Heck, I've seen pants, socks, and belt buckles with expressive things on them. You could even get tattoos if you want.

So I ask you, why should you need to wear a hat inside?


This is the definition of disrespect, pulled from Bing Dictionary:

2. show no respect: to show a lack of respect for somebody or something

I believe that, based on that definition, not allowing someone to wear a hat inside is where the disrespect stems from. If you cannot show respect for someone's sense of style, their way of expression, than that is more disrespectful than anything.

Who or what does wearing a hat inside disrespect, is my question.
Debate Round No. 2


If wearing hats is their way of expression, they can do it outside as much as they want. It's inappropriate to wear one inside. If a hat is required in such place or if it is religious headwear, that's a different story.

Wearing a hat inside is a way of disrespect because it is basically saying "I don't trust your roof". Back in the day when the gentleman population was actually recognizable, they would take off their hats as soon as they stepped in a door. By wearing a hat inside you are really saying "I'm going to protect my head because I don't trust your roof if it rains or snows or anything else bad happens." Hats were originally just used for shade and dryness.


Back then, that was understandable. Nowadays, where quality construction can be guaranteed in nearly every household and other building, it is not a matter of trust. It is a matter of expression.

By your reasoning, any article of clothing can be considered rude to wear inside of a building. Shoes keep your feet from the dirty ground, so is wearing shoes inside a building rude because you are insinuating that the floor is dirty?

This is the kind of logic you are presenting: outdated etiquette. Wearing a hat, today, is a mean of expression, not a form of insult.
Debate Round No. 3


Construction was just as quality as it was "back then" as it is now. And as I said before, you can express yourself in many different ways.

No, wearing clothes is acceptable because no one wants to see naked people all over the place. The purpose for shoes is to protect feet from damage, not dirt. You can get your feet damaged anywhere if you aren't wearing shoes. That is why wearing shoes is acceptable.


We have better construction methods and materials than in the antique days you are speaking of. And, besides the construction, there are now a ton more government-placed restrictions and the construction of a building - namely, getting a building inspected.

When you say that buildings were just as well-built back then, you are ignoring the fact that we have better construction methods, materials, and restrictions. To simply say that because you are wearing a hat that one's roof is not solid is ignoring the true facts, the real results of things such as inspections.

"The purpose for shoes is to protect feet from damage, not dirt."

This is something you said; it can prove my point exactly. Couldn't that, by wearing shoes inside a building, send a message that a floor is not of quality construction and could cause splinters?

So you see, every article of clothing can be deemed offensive based on age-old rituals and etiquette. I believe that you can follow your own etiquette, such as not wearing a hat inside, but you can't force someone else to. That would harm someone's style.

Thank you for this debate. I had a lot of fun.
Debate Round No. 4
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Reasons for voting decision: Con showed why it was rude, pro did not show why the standard has changed. He only said it is different now without showing why. Con wins argument.

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